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Saturday, March 31, 2012


I totally relate to what you said about renting a house instead of a hotel and because of your photographs and descriptions, I feel like I'm rambling a little along with you in this new life you're in.

How do you find the places to rent?

you make me never want to stay in a hotel again! just lovely!

Lovely photographs Mary Ann... Beauty in the little things. You snap what I would snap. Rain against a window, flowers in a vase, a little dog with a basket. Wished I could explore the city with you... (Have only been in SF once and I had a clear blue sky!)

anytime there is a Merritt O'Keefe stove involved.....heaven!!!Keep up the
missy from the bayou
use the griddle at least once for pancakes!! ;)

I would love to rent one of those houses. I love the time frame those buses were built. Not that I would like to have lived during those times, especially being female. Not a lot of options out there for women. Couldn't show their ankles for heaven's sake...considered risqué or wanton...puleez!

Are you staying in the MIssion District? Or is this up near Golden Gate Park? It looks familiar. Used to visit the City when I was going to college in San Jose. That was many moons ago.

I'm home in a state of bliss. Watching a good flick. A cool breeze blowing my curtains open...

That reminds me of San Francisco.

That looks like my neighborhood - are you in Noe Valley? Or on Church Street? Bet you went to the Ferry Market this morning....

Looks wonderful. I just don't think I am ready to give up room service, or the early wake up calls.

It's chilly and damp here in New York City, and rain is pelting the pigeons. The streets are clogged with tourists who came to see the shows and are impatient now to get home. The symphony of horns has begun outside on 9th Avenue.

We stay in an old rancher's house every summer at a dude ranch in Wyoming. It reminds me of when I was little and visited my aunt - fun to try on someone else's life for a while. And then fun to go home.

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