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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I just figured out what it is about your sketching that makes it so compelling. You cut right to the heart of what you are sketching, cleanly and surely...no superfluous lines, no fiddling around (no eraser marks!! LOL). Your drawings have just the right amount of shading...well, I really, really like them and I am going to shut up now before someone mistakes me for someone who knows what she is talking about!! (Or not!!)

I am loving your sketches.

Joan, my identity was stolen!

By a squirrel!

Ha ha ha Dorothy!!!!! Its Rick not mitt!

I am a total technophobe but I went out on a limb and just purchased an ipad 2. I have been drawing with my finger and only can get stubby lines no matter what tool I use. Did you use a stylus to do your drawings? Also I was told or read that if you use instragram that "they" have access to your address book. Do you happen to know if this is true or not?

Politics on TV play all day long at my house [husband] and I was having strokes daily just listening so now I try and avoid the family room totally. Tired of BP being elevated all the time.

I LOVE your blog-it is the first thing I turn to when I get on the computer. Hang in there!

whatever sent you into hissy fit mode? I can't imagine you fussing and fuming. I used to be the angriest woman on the planet...then I much negative energy was used up, that it raised my Blood pressure into the stratosphere and left me feeling awful. I no longer let thing get to me...it's just not worth it. Can you get it off your chest? Vent away. We're good listeners. No naming names, just situation?

Love love your sketches. The pause button is the best feature on t.v. Lots of crazy, scarey, down right frightening blah ..blah going on. Keep sketching as you are a big inspiration.

LOVE the brushes too. xodonna

Yeah Romney IS a Ken doll...and you capture his essence perfectly! I love your sketches...looks like a bit of water color or pastel? You're fab...but then I tell you that all the time. AT 1

Yes yes yes corky! Thats a good way to describe it!

I am really loving your sketches. Love the brushes the best too. TV is not the greatest antidote for frazzled nerves. I prefer a nice Sangria or ten.


I don't think my TV is that high tech but yours seems to serve you well. Great sketches!! Sorry you had a crabby day but at least you found some relief in your sketching. I wish I had your energy--by the time I get home all I'm good for is supper and falling asleep with my computer in my lap. Question--I'm thinking about getting an IPad--is it really alot more versatile than a PC laptop?? Thanks!!

I hope you gave whatever it was a good piece of your mind when you wrote in your journal! If you turned your blah, blah, blah spread into a poster right now I bet you would make a million dollars if you sold it for a mere 5 bucks! Have done the same thing with pause button - even used my digital camera for screen shot. Notice how the TV gives you more information for drawing than from a camera photo? Like it is more 3-D or something. xo

You are so funny girl, it's not just sketches one can draw whilst pausing that old moving picture machine, btw yours are awesome....love the brushes, think that is my favorite. So You pull out your camera find a scene or pose ya like and snap it, just like that...pretty as you please. I've got a whole array of photos of 'famous people' that look pretty much like I was right there amongst them, the paparazzi behind the scenes. Kind of crazy huh? All in good, cheap fun I say. :)

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