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Saturday, March 24, 2012


OMG! All except for the one with the triangular base (I have no idea what that one is), the rest was my mother's silver pattern: Kirk Repousee! I grew up eating with that silver, and what memories that brings back!

I'm so happy that you're having fun with crochet! I do wish I'd learned to knit, but I LOVE to crochet! If you decide you're interested in freeform and scumbling, then you might want to join this group, International Freeform Crochet http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FFCrochet/ Lots of wonderful artistic crochet forms and talented crocheters of all levels of expertise!

Would love to hear her tale, but it is most fascinating.

How fun to learn a craft while soaking up stories. I'm awarding you the Versatile Blogger award for inspiring us to keep pursuing new ideas. http://theteacupincident.typepad.com/the-teacup-incident/2012/03/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

I forgot to aak: are you on Ravelry? Free membership, loads of free patterns for both knit and crochet...check it out. They have all kinds of forums for any subject, videos/help links, fabulous site. Just passed their 2 millionth member milestone. It's a whole new world.

Well, you crocheted and I knitted with my friends. We make a Sunday outing every week to Barnes & Noble, but first we have lunch at the Chinese cafe in the same strip mall. We sit in the Starbucks coffee shop inside B&N and knit away, laugh, gab, people watch...great place. Glad you have a guru to help you. I have one of those myself, she also knits, spins, weaves, beads...a woman of many talents. Priceless.

My Grandma was my crochet guru. She is gone now, but what she taught me will always make me think of her. I still have some of her craft supplies--it's called 'vintage' now! have fun with those double crochet stitches, and all that stuff. Learning to read the directions is a feat in itself!

That silver is beautiful though, it must have been quite difficult to maintain such restraint! Thank God for cameras. And friends. Glad to see the crochet is coming along; you're already making granny squares! I have yet to master this honestly.


Sounds like you've made a lovely friend. That silverware is amazing! I want to do a texture rubbing of them!
Good luck on the crochet projects. Looking lovely!

Glad you are progressing on the crochet front. Some of that silver looks like the pattern my mom had when I was growing up. Good memories.

I am so jealous. I want a crochet guru.

Love that silver.

Well then, just have a blast today, you, your yarn. How wonderful you have someone to help you along whilst crocheting. I tried my hands many moons ago and decided yarn and I were not meant to be together, I loved to do it; so relaxing, but I had no sense when it came to keeping the tension nice and even so my few crocheted throws never turned out square but rather more like blob shaped creatures. I probably would have done a whole lot better had I had my own personal guru to help keep the process in check and me on track. Have a sweet, sweet day Mary Ann.

Hah, you crocheting and me knitting puffs. At times it's all what the world needs, two people doing the same thing with the same material in a same state of peace. Taking home the silver to sketch turned out to be a fab idea... So you are still inbetween providers? Sjeesh... Almost sounds like England!

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