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Saturday, March 03, 2012


That's so nice - you humming!

I know what the fresia's smell like. It's like they are in front of me too. Coffee in the sun, and being saturday... Life is good!

Here the weekend is coming to a close, have to say enjoy them so much. Love the table cloth mum had a blue and an orang one , loved seeing them both specialy when the were fresh of the line , something abouth fresh table cloth, nice and homely.....enjoy

Wonderful perfume on Freesias. Carnations and Freesias are my favourites. I also Stargazer Lilies for perfume.

I live for Saturday mornings! I love your blue tablecloth too.

I can smell those freesias now!


Weekends are so delicious aren't they? No matter how much you love what you do during the week! Lovely to get a glimpse of yours!

What joy, it feels like I'm there! Love that tablecloth - it looks vintage. Enjoy the days.

I use a jelly jar for my brush water, too.Do you put little pebbles in the bottom to swish your brush on?

Just be sure you don't dip your paint brush in the coffee mug. Ummm, have that done myself in the past...

The simple joys of the first day of the weekend. Mine starts tomorrow and my plan is very much like yours!
Erin in Morro Bay

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