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Saturday, March 17, 2012


Do you know, I've never actually had a Shamrock Shake? Are they any good? Read your post yesterday when I was fasting for a routine colonoscopy and immediately wanted one, can't drive now for another 10 hours but tomorrow, might have to get me one! Love the lettering on that top sketch and the rainy McD sign photo is fab!

You are turning into an internet stalker, getting your fix behind fast food joints, buying a shake or too to appear legitimate. Venturing out in the middle of catastrophic weather. You need an intervention!!!! At&t where are you ??????

Loving those journal pages.

Can feel you climbing the walls, figuratively speaking, of course ;))"
Thank the gods for I pads and McDonalds.
Your journal is wonderful,
hugs to you and best wishes for a speedy re-plugging.

You are hilarious! Glad you got your shamrock shake to prove your patronage! Thanks for making the canoe trip to do a little post-a-roo!

Get outa town! you had a shamrock shake? did you get fries to go with? if you have a shamrock shake you gotta have fries on the side. It's the whole salty sweet thing. When you read this message at the McDonalds tomorrow try it and let me know what you think. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

have you checked the calorie count on that shake. i almost fell off the chair!!!! but what the heck u deserve a treat after all the techno issues you've been dealing with. hope it is all resolved soon. your sketching is fabulous btw

I love your journal. I'm going to go get a Shamrock Shake.

love it! great journal stuff! enjoy the rain and the wonderful internet free time at home!

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