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Sunday, April 01, 2012


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Well that sounds like a fun place to skip up and down the aisles. Love what you found. When I think of San Francisco, the one thing that comes to my mind most is that I found some candy there at Ghiridella Square that looked like M and M's but had licorce inside them....yum yum yum. Never found them again......so sad....too bad. Have a great spring break Mary Ann.

Oh right... forgot to mention them too but SCRAP is way cool! There is also one in Portland if you ever get there! I am surprised there isn't one in the LA area...

Thought of another yummy place in SF to eat for ya if you have time... Pacific Cafe out on Geary (and 34th Ave.) is a fantastic fish restaurant (plan on hanging outside in line -- they give you a glass of wine for the wait).

looks like scrap heaven to me! and you got a great bunch of stuff...love the photos of the assemblages...

Did you have to pay per pound or something like that?

OMG-that place looks like so much fun! somewhere to spend hrs in!

Ok. I'm in love/lust. Where is SCRAP? Next time I'm home I need to go there. I am in serious trouble now. You better not tell me where it is. Ok. Now tell me. I'll send a friend.

There is a SCRAP in Portland, as well! They are truly a junker's paradise and cheap, cheap, cheap!

I hope you didn't tear your pants on the barbed wire when you scaled the fence. I know you did not walk around to the Newcomb street entrance.

A huge cup of tea is just what I need now too... Looks like a fun place to browse and spend money. Paradise on earth for bookmakers...

Another trip!! You lucky girl...you are my idol...

SCRAP is one of the best field trips ever! Ahhhh...but then there's the Alameda Flea Market the first Sunday of the month. Next time you're in town it's a MUST!!

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