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Monday, April 02, 2012


Awww, sweet guy.

Thank you for your photo tours here and there. I truly love the way you write and take pictures and make things! You are my tour guide, cuz, the way it looks, I might not be able to do it myself. Please keep telling us about your trips.

I am keeping notes of all the places as I am going to SF in June of 2012. Friends paid my ticket to the States to shoot their daughters wedding. But I am sure that we will be able to fit in some Frisko stuff... Thanks for sharing the city with us!

Please tell more about your Buck paper doll. I just lost my sweet Billie cat, same..black and white, such a love, best cat friend I've ever known, and I'm heartbroken...I would love to make a Billie paper doll.

I love giant Buck; I was just wondering whether he's still with you!

How fun, you have a Flat Buck (remember Flat Stanley?), he is a lucky kitty getting to travel hither and yon. With such clear weather you should get over to Marin and get to the top of Mt. Tam, absolutely gorgeous. And, if you like boats, or as my husband says, yachts, go wander around the St. Francis Yacht Club, a very lovely area for photos. One thing I wanna do is take the boat excursion to Angel's Island...I saw that on Huell Howser's California's Gold and it looked fun, a hammy F.D. Roosevelt inpersonator is included -- the excursion is on his old presidential yacht. And, don't miss Alcatraz, the closest thing we have to an ancient dungeon in California.

L O V E these pics... Gorgeous views and I am so happy you have Buck in spirit and profile to take along for the adventure. Adventures are just a wee bit sweeter when shared with a traveling companion.

you have the BEST eyes!

I see Phoenix Books...i knew you were in my neighborhood!

And do you know about the San Francisco Center for the Book? They're at 300 DeHaro St, website is sfcb.org.
Right now they're showing "Left to Chance: the accidental book art" I envy you the chance to see it. Enjoy

Have you been to FLAX yet? They have a whole room of paper to say nothing of other art supplies--yummy! It's on Market and more or less 16th. And there is a store called ARCH which carries art and architecture supplies. It's in the Potrero Hill area. Also, there's Needles and Pens on 16th between Guerrero and Dolores.
I've never been to the last two, they're on the list for the next time I visit my brother.
Have a wonderful time and how I envy you

When the lights come up on the city and the moon shines on the bay.....
San Francisco is a wonderful town. Glad that you are getting some good shots of all the old Victorians. Back in the days before income tax, people built a lot of mansions in SF. Doesn't have the sprawl factor of LA due to being hemmed in on three sides by water. And no wonder your calves hurt, you're doing the Stairmaster going up and down all those steep hills.
Aloha, Kate

So good to know that you've spotted Giant Buck---and the Buck Paper Doll is a great idea! I might just steal that from you and start hauling an Uncle Orcie The Great and Terrible paper doll with me on my travels. Hmmmmm....let me think about that! And your photos, by the way, are just stunning (as usual).

I love this City like no other. There is no place like it on earth. I haven't been there in over 40 years, but it's still close to my heart in the memory bank. So unique. It's really an enchanted place.

It's not warm enough for fog yet. Love the pictures.

Awe, I miss that town. Have a great time, sooooooo much to do!!
The Buck paperdoll - beautiful.

If you find yourself poking around Cole Valley, check out the enorme Victorian at 24 Beulah Street. Beulah is only 2 blocks long, runs between Cole and Stanyon. Anyhow, I used to live in the carriage house behind the Victorian!

Looks like you might be over by Delores. I loved sitting in that park (SW corner) and just watching the world go by. I needed to after breakfast at Tartine Bakery. I then had gelato at Brite Creamery and then a major ((!) hike to greenchilekitchen.com to meet my husband. It was January, and it was warm and I arrived like a panting, sweating refugee. But there's a lot of food one has to sample in SF, so I did what I had to do! I highly recommend all of the places.

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