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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I use Mod Podge too!

Your drawings look as though you are designing some sumptuous wallpaper and fabrics. 4 colourways, please: pink, blue, mauve, soft yellow. I'd buy!

Haha, at first I had not even seen the cat. Wonderful. Your drawing is very eye pleasing! I have given up on drawing, collage is more my thing. Can't draw a straight line for the life of me. You have so many facets of art that you master! Keep going girl...

oh, I just found this blog, and I LOVE it!!! You are an instagram guru! Maybe I can learn a few things! I love your art journaling. I will definitely be back!!!

It's always a pleasure to come home open up my computer and find that I have an e-mail from you Mary Ann.....Thank You!

marianne - that is hipstamatic. i have to say its become my favorite ipad photo app. you never quite know whatchergonna get. when im feeling lazy and dont wanna get out the nikon or even fuss with the crappity crap camera, i take the photo with the ipad because i can just click and send out into the universe so easily! and almost always when i take pics with the ipad i use hipstamatic

So delighted by your life and the beauty, knowledge and inspiration you bring to mine. Thanks, sista.

Love your work, talented there......what app have you used on the iPad pic. Like the way they look..I'm still playing around with mine mostly use the iPhone ans cloud the pics over for quality .

you are rocking the journal with your sketches. Beautiful!!!!!! Gotta love Wyatt all curled up there...cat nap...sounds like something I should be doing right about now.

I love the Wyatt in a box. It looks like my house.


Your sketches are absolutely spectacular!! I really need to get off my fat duff and get cracking with that Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book (or is it Left Side??) Anyways, I need to learn how to draw. Why am I so dang LAZY???? Guess I'd rather read your blog!! :) Did I mention that I love your blog? Except for the occasional heartbreaking post that makes me cry, you make me laugh...alot!! Thank you for being you (as opposed to being someone else? LOL)!!

P.S. Still waiting to see the crochet project!!

Beautiful! "The City Diary of a L A Lady"!
Erin in Morro Bay


i love them. they are an inexpensive little set of KOI watercolors by SAKURA. a travel set. got them on amazon. think i paid 30 buckeroos.
im sure there are better sets out there, but these suit me just fine. wanted something not too fussy for a not too fussy sketchbook. know what i mean?

Ms. Mary Ann? could you please talk about what kinda pan watercolors you're using there? I've just begun a hunt into getting myself some o'those ... don't really know where to start.

Lovely drawings, lovely subject ... les fleurs.



(My cat posse of one, Zoe, prefers a large AJs grocery bag, turned on its side with the opening facing me and whatever I'm doing. That way, she can reach out a pawlet whenever she sees something she thinks she'd like to abscond with!)

I love that Wyatt is sleeping in not just any box, but a decorated box! And I agree with Donna, your drawings are beautiful and I shouldn't be surprised but damn, yet another thing that you do awesomely well!

My cats love to sit next to me when I am working my journal. They would rather sit ON my journal. I like to think it is becauase they can feel the love in it.

I have never seen you draw before! Fantastic! I love the cat in the box like that, mine would rather just sleep right on top of whatever I'm working on.

My god woman -- you can draw! beautifully! ... and why would this surprise me? xodonna

Techno-polka and cat with colors, how good can it get! Life is beautiful:)

I love how cats love to sit where ever there are watercolors close at hand...I love my set of Koi W/C

Just lovely. My cat used to sit with me at my desk usually on or in things all the time.

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