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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yummy yummy yummy!

The colors and patterns on your board make me so so so HAPPY! Love the art love at Moss Cottage, especially lately!

when my studio is done in the new house I must find room for a creative board. I am inspired by the multitude of ways you surround yourself with inspirations!

Here's to Spring Break and an adventure! And to crocheting sweaters for rocks....(and I thought I was odd....) Fun is oozing out of the blog so I think you must be in a happy place. That makes ME happy.

In my sleepy-eyed state, I read "crochetsketchcrochetsketchreadcrochetsketchcrochetsleepcrochetsketch" as "crochetsleepcrotchrocket." :D

My Party Pants have my address on the arse so when I am found face down in the corner they don't have to wake me up for an address to give to the cab driver. Oh, by the way, what's your address? Love your inspiration board and your crocheted rocks, is that what you are giving everyone for xmas this year?

Have fun on Spring Break! Ours is over at Kent State.... :-(

Brilliant news, that you're back on line.

Welcome back to Cyberville. AT&T should be ashamed of making anyone wait that long for internet service. It's just mean, I tell you. (giving the raspberry to AT&T) But glad you're back and having tons of inspiration. Are you going away for spring break? Someplace exciting? You know we are armchair travelers with you. Have a great spring break.

YEAH. Having a HUGE party for you over here in MN. REALLY. I've put out streamers and pointy hats, and used all my paper scraps as confetti. We are so dang HAPPY for you. And I might add your inspiration board is AWESOME. OH YEAH. I spy a few special treasures from another journal junkie. LOVE IT all, welcome back. You were missed!!!!!

fantastic!!!! love it!!!!

Oh yeah, I WANT that monkey. We should do a monkey swap here at Moss Cottage......yessireeeee, that would be fun.

Paula S In New Mexico who want a crochet guru.......

Love your energy and colors -- always so inspiring! THANK YOU!

So happy you are still enjoying your monkey whispering badge! It was me, Kas, who made it for you and I smiled the whole time I was making it ~ just thinking about YOU! :)

welcome back!!!

Terrific inspiration board! And the rock sweaters are fabulous! :D

Yay! You're back in cyberspace...Yippee! Off to find my party pants!

...it better be good ... the pink leather party pants, with the orange embroidered FOXY across the arse only come out for the most special events! Have a blast!

My gawd lady... does your talent ever end??? I want your inspration board all over my house!!! Love it!!!!

Love you!


Zippedeeday... YOU'RE BACKKKKKKK!!!!! Your pin board is very very eyecatching, orange warms our hearts I always say... Glad you are back online, now what about a new class that we all can take to celebrate your being back into civilization? And shall I finally cut up my vintage album a la Full Tilt Boogie?

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