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Sunday, March 04, 2012


How about an "Occupy Wall Street" movement, except...make it "Never Ending Sunday" movement. Could be quite effective :) Imagine people meeting in pajamas!

I read between the lines and ordered the soundtrack. Can't wait.

Count your blessings Mary Ann some of us (or shall I say " I was ) indoors all day getting all of my documents ready for an income tax appointment! Although I did make time to ride my bike at twilight ....which is always awesome!

hey hey with the Monkees! I know it's that you don't love them, you just love your free time, too.

I would give up a year of Sundays to be a part of the working stiff community. But then again, if I lived in sunny California, I probably wouldn't want to give up my Sundays EVER!

would love to help you. Unfortunately I am totally unable to stay up that late, even on nights when I don't have to get up the next day. I love your posts! They speak to me in many different ways!

I'm part of that working stiff community so I hear you loud and clear! Never Never enough time is there?.........That movie looks incredible. And the soundtrack must be amazing. Enjoy the moments Mary Ann..xo

I would love to oblige but way too old!!! Never enough time- especially Sunday time.

Well, I did the weekend/Monday morning thing for many years. I work now, but at home (yeaah!). After leading a group last night, I came home, ate some Greek yogurt, read a little, watched an installment of second-season Downton Abbey (for the 2nd time), cuddled up with Holly, the diva dog Pomeranian and finally hit the rack after midnight. So I dedicate the evening to you in retrospect. Wow, I love your photos!! And the sketches!

Sure, I will stay up for you... I wondered why the watercolors were on the table. Now it becomes clear... So you know how to draw too huh???? Drats. You are unbeatable woman! I so understand your wish for the eternal weekend...

if you can, see it in 3d.
i'm not a fan of the glasses
but this film
is what 3d was made for...

I move that we have an 8th day of the week... an extra day just for "rest" or what have you.... doing fun stuff... NO workie... just playie....

Love this post, love you!!!!

Oh, I so feel you. I have the same thing at the end of every weekend. Two days of complete freedom and then back to the daily grind. It's not that the daily job is so awful mind you, it's that all the hours off are so wonderful. I always have this tendency to stamp on the ground like a little child and scream "It's not fair!" ;-)If only we could switch workdays to weekenddays. Two days of work Five days of weekend. Oooh, how wonderful that would be! ;-)

It's 1:00 am here - so 2:00 am will be a breeze. Don't sleep much anymore. It does give one more time to play. Pina? Boy am I out of the loop!! I was going to the tienda to get you a pineapple! xoDonna

Oh how I can relate Mary Ann! I hate that I have to stop working on the art quilt I've been doing for most of today ... been having so much fun I cannot believe it is also my bedtime (wish it were already Spring Break!)...

WOW! That film looks great!! I hope it comes to my neck of the woods soon!! Thanks for mentioning it!
Happy school tomorrow!

Oh no no no.... It's 9pm in my neck of the woods and I'm happy to be headed to bed. Because the alarm will go off at six and I'll send the husband and children off into the world and have the afternoon to myself to work in my journal without interruption. I can't wait!
Jealous much? ;)


im not in the class you mentioned...my recent sketchbookery is due to the book DRAWN IN which i cant recommend highly enough! it will make anyone want to keep a sketchbook. v.v.v. fun and highly addictive to see the pages begin to fill up.


Since I'm retired I can stay up as late as I want...usually about 1 AM so making it to 2 AM shouldn't be a problem! Getting older does have its benefits!!

Hey - are you working through the Alisa Burke sketchbook class? That's what I was doing on Saturday ... practicing drawing faces and generally cracking myself up with the result! My surface design worked a lot better, but not as awesome as yours. Nice job!

i have to work in the morning, but I will totally still stay up until 2 for you. I find I get into much less mischief in the workaday world when I am tired.....

'Spent a grand day at the Alameda flea market...Usually it's foggy and cold...today it was warm and people were putting sunblock on!! Work for me tomorrow too-getting up at 4 a.m. per usual....Work totally gets in the way of my art making!!

Mary Ann you completely & totally crack me up!! Me, myself & I should be in bed right now!!!!! And I really resent it!! I feel your pain!

Was today not just the best spring day!! We drove to Laguna Beach...aaaah, then dashed up to Pasadena to the flea market all in the beautiful 85 degree sunshin

I'm with you MA, I don't want Sunday to end. I got lots done this weekend but it was more chores than fun and I want to stay up late and play in my journal and keep reading the incredibly addictive Game of Thrones and keep watching The Help which I am finally watching and whatever else I want to do at 2 a.m. Instead I am going to go to bed at a reasonable hour so I can get up early to face the week and go to work. Blah. Hmm, maybe I'll just go spread a little paint on a page first...your w/c pages are lovely!!

I wanted Pina to win the Oscar. I qualify as a retired soul but I can't stay up until 2 a.m. because I have a painting lesson to attend in the morning and I am by most accounts not a morning person.

I have shared the collaborative planning with teacher friends...the response has been great. I actually watched the maker's one about parent teacher conference video.

I love your posts. I was so, totally, like, you know, like expecting a diner adventure. lol

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