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Friday, March 16, 2012


I am loving your downtime posts! The sketches, letters and doodling are all fabulous - you should try this on your travels as well. (There surely were some Budapest bathers or Parisian pastries that deserve your pen and wash treatments.) Happy spring to you!

I didn't know that the wifi worked from the parking lot! I'll have to see if this is true from B&N's lot and Burger King...yes, they have wifi too? Do you not have a B&N near you? You could have coffee in the coffee shop and do the internet thing while you have a latte, machiatto, mocha, or whatever flips your skirt up...at least ours is equipped with the coffee shop.

Grab a Shamrock Shake while you are there. Love thunderstorms, not big on the tornado that whip through my part of the woods though. Good news, no injuries and we have internet.

I'm impressed! You are good! really. you. are. !!! xodonna

Your portraits are amazing, why have you been hiding your talent so long! Do I sense a new on line class coming up??? Would love to see your drawing of Garrison Keller -- at least that picture has no teeth to fuss over. Don't any of your neighbors have an internet you can piggy back on for a few days? We are battening down the hatches here in SD, I brought in the dry wood, and going to have a lazy weekend reading, writing but no 'rithmatic, with a fire and a bottle of red and white. Cheers!

yowsa sistah! You have that whole lower/middle face thing down. That is some nose, infranasal depression, sensitive lips, and perfect chin action you have going on there. And I haven't even mentioned the ear... one awesome ear!

McDonald's MacWiFi, right?

Ms. Mary! I must tell you I ADORE your pen portraits! I mean really, there is something about hand to paper that electronics just do not do justice. Dark clouds rolling in over here as well. Signed up awhile ago for a poker tournament tonight but I would much rather spend the evening as you are. More! I say, more!

I LOVE Mac D's drive-thru! Get me a Big Mac Meal with a "diet" coke while you're there please :) I find this so hilarious that you're over at McDonald's... It would be even better if some of your students found you lurking :)

there have been a number of times that i have sat in Big Macs parking lot. Soon it will be just a memory.

ooooh, i love storms!!! our internet was down just for the morning and i didn't know what to do with myself! i am usually so jealous of where you live because it is so much warmer then here in iowa but it is a crazy 80 degrees here today so i am so happy! going to ride my bike to the store and bring my goodies home in my basket on the front of my bike! happy spring!!!

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of all these Internet- free hours!

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