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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


P.S. Speaking of pens, I just got a snoot-full of Faber-Castell India Ink pens and Copic Markers for my birthday!! And a few PanPastels to start out with as I have been wanting to try them for a while. And some Neocolor II crayons. Someone (my sister!!)went in and cleaned up my whole Dick Blick wish list!! Aren't I a lucky girl?? I bought my 1st Pitt pens a few years ago but really just started using them--I was amazed when they still worked beautifully--they were that old!

Since I've been following this blog, I've dreamed that if I worked very, very hard I could do things (collage, journal, make journals, take photographs) like Mary Ann Moss. Now that dream has faded away because no matter how hard I try (heck, I even have to try!!) I will never be able to sketch as well as you do. I know I am self defeating but you and your sketches are truly originals!! I'd plaster my walls with your sketches if I could!! What really speaks to me is that I can see your sense of humor and your sense of joy in every sketch!! More, please!!

I am insanely jealous of how well you draw teeth. Teeth are hard. ( Hard to draw and just plain hard, now that I realize what I just wrote!) My painting teacher told me NEVER to draw teeth----only the spaces around them. Sounds weird but it works for me.

I feel your service provider pain. Good luck!

I kinda like your crazy people with their corncob teeth.

I can't draw. Or sketch. Or paint. But you make me wanna try.

I am so inspired, I am going to pull out my nearly blank sketchbook and start drawing...something, anything, anyone! What do you mean, you can't draw teeth? The ones on the future prima donna girl are perfection!!

(@Brian, you are hilarious!)(@Elizabeth, I love that she sat up straighter when she notices you were sketching them!)

P.S. Since Magpie is my nickname (after ROD, I started picking up bits and pieces everywhere!), I am wondering about the "green magpie mistake" banners - what's the story there?

when we are in Norway all we are going to do is sit outside and look at the spectacular views and draw pictures of norwegian teeth. yes, that is exactly what we shall do. I love and adore each and every person you have drawn and I want to have a dinner party with them.

HAHAHA...I was thinking you could be in the park drawing people! I love it...my brother who is a tiki artist in FL says indeed the teeth are the hardest, yet the most facinating as well!

Those these drawings you have been showing the past few days. Yes, teeth are my nemesis. Anyone have any tips for making them look OK? Thanks for being brave to show us!
Aloha, Kate

Must you keep a drawin' the womenfolk from ma' home town????

Is what made me gay....

The teeths.... the toothes!

Love your drawings and excitement. I share your feelings. Thanks Mary Ann.

You will notice that hardly anyone dares to draw teeth and with good reason! I'm currently lusting after some luscious things called Promarkers. Yes, alcohol based so probably stinky, but from what I've seen on some videos they seem to glide lovely color around. I'm going to love seeing the addition of this new passion to your journals!

Your post made me smile. Was at a book store today. Reading. And then a "gaggle" of older women sat down at the table next to me. And I could simply not resist. Took out my sketchbook and pen. Made eye contact with one of the women who knew exactly what I was up too. Her reaction? She sat up straighter. I can only hope to be that cool at her age.

Love your excitement!!!You are one talented artist....Thanks for sharing your lovelies!

Delightful, amusing, hilarious and profound. I wish I was an agent, publisher...whatever...because you, my friend, would have a book contract.

Your drawings are such a hoot. Dang girl, your talents continue to delight and bring a smile to my face every single time. It's pretty obvious you are having a blast with your new pens. I must say quite shocked since I know of your deep loyalty to permaball. You have no idea how excited the folks over at Pentel are. Last night I heard they had a wild party in your honor, new colors were being formulated just for you, they were dancing on their desks and using lap tops like pull down tables on air planes: seriously, I heard all of this on the news last night. Really I did. VBG!!!!

They're so lively, these drawings, they make me feel I know people exactly like them.
Remember how we photographed everything we ate that time (exactly a year ago!). Well, sometimes it just 'isn't done' so I've got myself a gorgeous little moleskine and pens similar to yours. Would anyone notice if I sketched my meal? Don't think so. Then there'd be the fun of playing with colour at home.

Now I just need to persuade a certain person to take me out to dinner!

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