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Monday, March 19, 2012


Mary Ann, when I read what you wrote about your "kooky portrait on the right", I just shook my head and laughed. Want to know what I was thinking when I saw that portrait on the right? It was something like, "Oh my God, I love that! How does she DO that?"

Well, at least you have the iPad to stay connected to us and the blogosphere. Just the thought of no internet makes me nervous. But it is nice to go back in time and just draw and listen to music, isn't it? Keep the pix coming of life unplugged. Enjoying your ventures into the drawn world. How much longer before you're online at home?

You are absolutely right - when one sketches, it's like one has never really looked at these things before now. Because of slowing the mind way, way, way down, we suddenly see what is so amazing about every little thing. And, it's like a little time travel adventure too. One where everything kind of stops, and even years later, you can picture exactly where you were and what everything looked and smelled like, the temperature, everything. I hope that you're going to be sketching on your trip to Norway! Loving all of it...

sketching. new talent emerges. love it! xodonna

Dear Mary Ann,
You are progressing fast!! You may have already used this book.. Drawing
On the Right Side of the Brain. I used it years ago to volunteer teach
at local elementary and to adults as well. If you get a chance they have a website too. So happy for you. The joy you feel when you draw
is compelling. Looking forward to seeing the inspiration board!!
missy from the bayou

LOVING your sketches. LOVING.

I look forward to your board. I just come here for inspiration, don't really need to look any further!!!

I love the slowness of drawing, and the way that it takes you into a kind of wordlessness, where it's just you and the subject, without the usual ceaseless brain-chatter in between. I'm really enjoying your sketches, and your fearlessness.

keep on! your sketches are 'real'

Can't wait to see your inspiration board. Love the sketches!

How long must you live in these primative conditions??? I could not take it...

that might not be Maria Jose but it looks like her - the eye on the left side of the face is definately her.

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