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Saturday, March 10, 2012


OMG!!!! These are AWESOME!!!! I'm really enjoying your sketches.

Your blog makes me happy!

Holy Cwap, you can draw too!? ( Don't want to say it out loud, but I'm a little bit jealous)

thanks, Violet, and Mary Ann, for removing the music. I thought it was something I had done...I LOVE your sketch, I want one of those pens, the line is indeed great. I am now going to have to get some watercolors, too.

If somebody were to ask me, "Who would you most love to have drinks with, living or dead, in the entire world?" I'd answer Mary Ann Moss, and Oscar Wilde. Just so you know. Beautiful, inspired sketching - magnifique! (you've inspired me to break out my six-months dusty sketchbook and start up again too, I'd forgotten how rich of an experience it is.)

violet i fixed it! i cant have my favorite cadburry bunny annoyed. i just had to delete autoplay from the html code. i said that last part just so you think im a code genius. which, you know, um. im NOT. im code clueless. but i know how to spot autoplay when i see it!

Oh, this is awesome...I can just FEEL the creativity jumping out of the screen reading your post! Love it it all!

Loving your new sketchbook posts, Mary Ann! You are so AWESOME! I hope you feel that deep in your soul.

Just visited the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the Science Center. Makes one want to sketch. He had such amazing notebooks. Wish you were here to enjoy. I'm sure you'd be writing backwards in no time:)

Your sketch of the crochet guru is great! I guess I'll have to add that book to my ever-growing wish list.

Well, even if I sleep on that sketchbook, I still will not be able to draw. You are that artistic gene for sure... So I will resist of getting the book, knowing that I might be kidding myelf. You showed me how to collage and that is really the way to go for me. Collage and exploring backgrounds with paint, to each his own. I love the drawing of your guru. She must be so happy with her portrait!

Wonder woman is alive and well and crocheting up a storm in Camarillo! xoxo, Sharron

Thanks alot - after seeing your fantastic sketches I had to buy the book! Joyce looks like she is ready to take on the Joker -- who is unraveling all the crochet in the world. She is Caped Crochet Defender! One tiny little thing -- you know I am technology impaired and everytime I go to your blog that music starts to play, you know, the freaky dance video you posted....how do I make it stop? It has possessed my computer! TTFN

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