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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


sorry for your troubles. i too think it has to do with where you live - i have at&t but we did get rid of the land line recently because they kept hiking up the price. now just have strictly internet with them. a couple of months ago i was having trouble with my connection and called them. they came out that saturday as i requested and the guy looked everything over. he determined the problem was a faulty wire/cord. he followed the line and looked it all over, made a few adjustments (including putting in a new cable cord) and had it fixed in no time. in all he was there maybe 30-45 minutes. AND he didn't charge me!!! unfortunately i couldn't rave about it to his boss cause 1 - he would have gotten in trouble for not charging me and 2 - his boss never called like the guy said he would to do a short survey on customer service. he made sure to tell me not to say anything about the no charge service he gave me - but i definitely would have raved about his wonderful demeanor and service in checking out my computer line, etc. So again all this to say - just depends on who you get that day. from all the horror stories i've heard about other services i'm afraid to go anywhere else for internet.

Oohhh, not good. Hope it all gets sorted out soon. :(

The same thing happened to me THREE TIMES!!! I now have as little to do with ATT as I possibly can. The worst provider ever. I even switched my cell phone over to Verizon after ATT made it imposable to pay my
bill (yes, you read that right...they wouldn't let me pay my bill)

Run, I tell you, run fast away from any dealings with AT&T...they are the worst rated company for customer service. Get Cox Cable, it's fast as can be. I switched 1.5 yrs. ago from Cox to Clear...what a mistake that was. Stick with cable, it's much more reliable, customer service is reasonable and they do send people out if there's a problem...people who know what they're doing. Found out that Clear only works in two places in NV...450 miles apart...no AZ, some CA...so when I travel I have to make sure I have wifi where I'm staying or find hot spots in the area...what a joke this Clear is...

I feel your pain. I had them for a few years and they always sucked. And they jacked up the price without telling me while I was still under contract. One time our internet went out. I called and they wouldn't help me until I got my account number. When I told them I didn't have it they told me to log in and get it from my bill (I paid electronically and had no paper bill). Um...hi. The internet is out. How am I supposed to LOG IN to get it? Ugh.

Must be universal because Verizon sucks too. Fios isn't fasr enough to deal with the lack of customer service. If I didn't need the internet for homework I think my mom would get rid of that as well as the telly.

You will never EVER have a good experience with AT & T. They staff their service centers with idiots. We had a problem with their equipment using the U-Verse service, spent over 4 hours on the phone going nowhere. And my husband is a techie who can rattle all that jingo with the best of them. Believe it or not, we called Apple and they had the problem solved in 10 minutes (and it wasn't even their equipment!!!!!) I wish I could tell you to take your business elsewhere but it is not always possible. We got our iPhones when you had to go with AT & T. Now you can choose Verizon but they don't have good coverage where we live. ACK! I wish there was a way to make AT & T better but they really DON'T CARE.
Aloha, Kate

Suggestions for Internet service in LA ???? Do share!

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yep! this happened to me TWICE!
with at&t!!!
the first time was about 10 yrs ago
the second time 3 years ago (i gave them another chance because i thought they were more in the hip side or modern --but nope!)
and same thing no service order and no box in never ever period of time!
and yes they made me wait forever in the phone
complaints? yeah sure! i think it goes in one ear and comes out by the other! no more at&t for me!!!
i will pay for good customer service and fasteness! LOL
stay humorous with open mouth and crooked teeth they are fine with me

Totally depends on where you live. The only other option up here to AT&T is SuddenUNlink, which is unreliable at best. Overall I've had good luck with AT&T, except I will "give you" that they don't tell you everything they could tell you before they send a technician out...like how to go to your modem's URL and change the modem settings if you need to.
Sorry your experience with them has sucked. I do love your wacky drawings, however.
Take care, my friend! xo

Man, I've heard of so many problems with AT&T. Hope it gets fixed soon, but at least that means lots of time for sketching. I'm loving the sketchbooks!

This gives yet another great meaning to the "F" word. FAIL. F. F. F. AT&T I have to say though, that as a result of you being disconnected, you are totally in tune with your inner spirit! Brava. Applause.

When I moved last fall, I had a similar problem with Comcast. It took four different appointments and numerous frustrating phone calls over the course of two weeks to get my internet up and running. Since I work online, this was a significant problem. Luckily, I found somebody in my building with an unsecured wireless network that I could use. Otherwise, I would have been spending every day at the library.
I'm glad you posted about this. These companies need to hear from us and they need to do something to improve their so-called customer service. Hope everything goes smoothly on the 27th.

I am sorry for your problems with ATT. I have had them for just my cell phone for 11 years, and no real problems. I will be sure to never sign up for internet with them.

On a more cheerful note, your drawing is so fabulous, I am crazy in love with your faces, they are amazing!! I am going to find a pentel brush pen this weekend,won't have your crazy talent, but at least I will have that fabulous line!

AT&T absolutely sucks. They came into our business a few years ago and gave us a big dog and pony show about upgrading our server to the next latest best thing. "It'll be so seamless you won't even notice!"
Famous last words. Our check verification gadget has never worked since. It took them 3 MONTHS to get out credit card machines working properly. I am a person with great fortitude, persistence, and hang-in-there-ness, but they drove me to tears of frustration and wishing the demons of hell down on them and all their descendants for all time amen with their promises and lies. Three years and we're still arguing with them over the double billing we're getting from the (three year) old service and the new "seamless" one. Unreal. I can hardly believe they're allowed to stay in business.
HP did the same thing to me with 3 printers in a row that wouldn't work. I buy the computer hardware for our five businesses and I will never in my life spend another nickel on either of those companies again if the choice is mine to make.
AT&T can kiss my royal behind.

O!M!G!!!!! I used them for years when I had DSL. BUt when I moved last summer AT&T told me that my new neighborhood was wireless- so I placed my order- they told me it would be a week. Then when that day came and went I found out it would be 2 more weeks!!!!!! I switched to COX cable so fast, I had service in a day!! I hear you, stay away from AT&T!!!!!!!

Good luck, at&t was terrible for us. Apparently, we were at the very end of a two mile cable, even though the router was only a mile away as the bird flies, so our service was so slow we couldn't even watch netflix. And, they sold us the faster speed internet that the cable couldn't even deliver because we were so far down the line -- I think they were sued for that. Switched back to cox and so happy. A similar issue as yours happened to my neighbor - she cancelled them.

I'm very sorry this happening to you. My Mom had a terrible time with them as well. Her problem was a land line issue where they promised one thing and one price and charged her twice as much and cancelled her other service without her permission. They refused repeated attempts on her part to correct their error. All this started because my father died and she was trying to get the billing changed to her name. They refused to make the change because he hadn't called to make the change! The whole thing was unbelieveable and unnecessary.
Good luck and quick return to your service.

What service & company did you switch to that doesn't need a land line? I'm a bit behind the times, but would like to rid myself of AT&T too because of the monthly cost for DSL with land line ($80) and they didn't honor my rebate that they gave me when I signed up for it.

'Sorry you are going through this! I too am no fan of ATT-I quit them four years ago and have never looked back. On the positive side, I have somehow or other found myself on their consumer research panel. They call me once every quarter. I always give them low marks but it doesn't seem to deter them from contacting me!! I will be sure to tell them about the "fabulous" experience you are having! If you can switch companies I say do it!!

that is horrible...and you seem to be handling quite well with a awesome game plan involving wine. now the people and birds with open mouths and interesting teeth is something I am looking forward to seeing...are you drawing them before or after the wine? just wondering...hang in there!!!!

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