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Friday, February 24, 2012


How can you not feed - uh I mean love - that cat! Let him in! He wants to live at Moss Cottage....I mean why wouldn't he? There's paint to track through, other cats to pester and lounging to do....give a Tom a break, poor thing.

i'm in love!

Tom doesn't look like he's missed too many meal! He's a cutie...keep us updated!

He does look well-fed, doesn't he!! What a handsome devil. Que sera, sera!!

Gingers are the sweetest!

I want to ask you, "are you going to show us your crochet?" but...that might be a little presumptuous on my part. My first crocheted object was supposed to be a dainty bookmark rendered in an anemic baby blue acrylic yarn that came with my 'Learn to Crochet!' kit. The result was less than dainty. The only word to describe the result was 'anemic baby blue acrylic penis.' Tension issues (I mean with yarn); you've probably discovered a few of those by now. I'll send you a photo if you want ;-) I did about wet myself laughing at it for weeks though. I remain tempted to frame it, preferably with a matte that formerly showcased some particularly twee embroidery or something. Anyway, I hope your crochet weekend goes better than that! If anyone can render an initial crochet discourse cute, it's you :-)

My dear, sweet, patient husband (and father to five rescue kitties) is HUGELY relieved that Tom is 1,000 miles away. Because I am a complete sucker for that face and those incredible eyes. Me likey Tom aka Mikey-Mike The Moocher. p.s I like the name Tome better than Mikey-Mike for whatever my two cents are worth.......

leave it to a cat to ALWAYS find the comfy spots and perches

Tom actually emailed Spunky , our feral cat, while you were gone an mentioned he really liked you the best of all his gals! spunky replied and reminded him to erase all and that "little meows work to woo new moms to ones harem"

ohhhh is he a cutie or WHAT!!! Please give him some snacks...he likes you...he is picking you!!! You know what they say about cats...well I know you know this being the cat lover that you are but cats pick their owners. Every place I have ever lived a cat has picked me...I always felt honored:)......now go give him a snack........he is soooooo precious!!!

I wonder, does Tom have a home? If not, I think he is asking for one. No, begging! What a cutie he is! Someone said he's a keeper and I think so...

right at home in front of the camera ... obviously a male model before retirement. very handsome. xodonna

Aw, Mikey-Mike the Moocher. He prolly runs a neighborhood circuit like my sister-in-law's cat Simon. He hit everyone in the cul-de-sac. One Thai neighbor used to feed him canned shrimps. Simon got very chubby. A thousand years ago, bless him. Thanks for reminding me MMTM. I think MMTM really is loving Corky thru the window - wouldn't they make a lovely pair? J'adore!

Mary Ann, do you know the book "six dinner sid"?? Inga Moore is the author -well that's Tom :-)

he is sooooo cute and I think he likes you!!!

Oh Tom is soooo sweet! There was a huge Thom cat in our neighborhood a few years ago. Everyone fed him he got really fat. I think he passed away. I think of him often fondly he was a big lover boy.

Pretty boy!

He's adorable!!! That face! My uncle had a stray in Pasadena that would hang out named Charlie. They tried to domesticate him with no luck... he didn't like to stay in one place. He was missing most of an ear, a few teeth and his meow was that of a 50-year smoker. He was incredible... and incredibly bi-polar, but I still adored him!

That cat is a KEEPER, feed him, feed him, feed him and LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM!!!!
Pam (Mpls)

Oh, this one is a charmer. (Of course, he's a cat and they all are charmers....IF they want to be). Glad he has a "village" to dote on him!

Yes, he is definitely a charmer, knows how to work that cuteness until he has all the ladies in the neighbourhood looking out for him! Especially love the top photo.

Gorgeous pix of a handsome boy. Waiting to see pix of Tom inside Moss cottage.

Wow. That is one handsome, charismatic boy.

I can see he must be charming all the ladies.

Have you broken down and let Tom come in to visit yet? You know it's only a matter of time, since he is clearly trying to win you over with his kittycat wiles.

Oh my gosh, so cute. Just wanna pinch his fuzzy, whiskered cheeks!

I could die from a cuteness overdose after looking at those pictures. Also, you and I both know that you don't read to a cat that you don't love at least a little.

Well, geez... I was feeling all sorry for him cause I thought he was homeless and thinking you were a heartless wench for not feeding him. He pretty much looks like he lives at the neighbor's and just comes visiting to your place now and then. I like his funny little slanted eyes.

Maybe Tom-MikeyMike is coming over to your house to see if he could get an even better deal from you. After all you house has kitty-cat playmates! After taking your e-courses, I can just picture you reading the blog comments to Tom in your cat voice! Happy crocheting!

AWW so cute...I really like your blog:) Great pics and so much inspiration...I wish you a lovely weekend.
LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

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