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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Ah, downtown, the setting for many a service learning hours.

Sharon Bennet- Is it possible you are talking about the Pantry? Not a Laker fan, so I have no idea if it is anywhere near the Staples Center.

Really? Bacon maple donut? Never ever would have put those two together, but I'm feeling brave this weekend.

Photocateyes- sometimes it's the camera.... sometimes.

Not to put too fine a point on this, but isn't it the Five Cent Diner?

catherine - when i say CRAPPITY CRAP CAMERA, im referring to the clarity in the photos, not the composition. the CCC is fuzzy esp. on the indoors pics. my NIKON is crystal clear. make sense?

It's never the camera, it's always the photographer... Although I do wonder at times why nobody asks a painter with what brushes he painted... I loooove the mural, always scouting for one of those. It's so sweet that many American down towns have them, in all sorts and sizes.

Oh, crap--it IS the photographer---I use a Fuji Finepix crappity crap camera (don't know the model)!! :(

Love this place! My son lives in the neighborhood and when I make the cross continent trip we head to the Nickel Diner for Maple Bacon Donuts. So glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks cat! Meow. The camera info is in my sidebar. Its is little fuji. The thing I like is using it for instagram. CCC photos are good for altering!!

BTW, just what is your crappity crap camera anyways?? I think I need one. It takes better pictures than ALL my cameras. Cynthia is probably right--it's the photographer's skill that makes the difference!!

You're just trying to distract us with these beautfiful pix 'cause you don't want to spill the secret of those upcoming vacation photos! LOL

Mary Ann, there is a diner down in LA (I don't remember the name) at a corner across from the Arena where the Laker's play. I stayed across onn the other corner there in a Holiday Inn Express(?) once for a meeting at least 7 years ago. Cannot for the life of me remember the name of the diner, but YUM! I think I had Beef Stew over big egg noodles served with soft dinner rolls! OMG! Perfect heart attack food like I was raised on! I want to say it started with a "P". I would love to go back someday for lunch. Hope it is still there.

I LOVE, LOVE. LOVE Diners. Probably harkening back to when I was a kid. My dad liked Diners. We try out new ones when ever possible. EXCEPT the one in our town is AWFUL. I hope they know what they are doing to the mystique that is DINER.

A really fancy camera would apparently be a waste of money. You do wonderfully with your "crappity" little one.

Is the meal red chile, potatoes, meat with eggies on top? Or carne adovada with those things?

Good heavens, if those photos were taken with what you call a crappity crap camera, imagine how much more stunning the good camera photos would have been?? Must have been the photographer's skills that ruled the day. :)

What if you have a helicopter assist and you are driving the cop car? Should you still not nab the bad guys?

i love the nickle dinner .i was down there a couple weeks ago and had a great time checking out the
area .

So is this where we shall meet when I come to LA??

All very camera-worthy sites...and the pix turned out excellent, even with a crappity crap camera! :D

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