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Sunday, February 05, 2012


maple. bacon. donut. Wow. Great pics! Especially like the one on the previous entry with sketching on top... brilliant! Hope you have fun with all the breakfast destinations. And large poodles. And freesia... awesome.

i LOVE the man on the front of your journal in orange with the hat on! i suppose it is a one of a kind thing! thanks for sharing, it is hard to believe you have flowers blooming when everything is covered in snow here! so beautiful!

" the world is pretty and i'm glad i get to live in it."

Thank you for a lovely start to my day. Too often we overlook this, forgetting to move outside our own self cherishing.

This is so very beautiful and I will hold it close to my heart for awhile. I'm grateful for so much but this I forget. "7. decided for the millionth time that the world is pretty and i'm glad i get to live in it. very glad."

Confess, you just sliced the doughnut in half, spread it with maple syrup and layered on the bacon slices. YUM! Why settle for sweet or salty when you can have both.

Maple Bacon Donut goodness? Holy Toledo! What next? That sounds sinfully good. Especially now that I'm back to WW after regaining 22 lbs of the 60 I lost...so stupid..

Freesias...a favorite scent, love the way the flower blooms in a row on the stem...filling the area with that delightful, crisp, fruity aroma...delish!!!!

Thanks for posting your colorful world to share with us.

Looooove your Mexican journal, at least the few pages I saw of it already... I want to see MORE... More... and more... I hope you will have the courage to post it all. Thanks to you I took my travel journal with me to the States, and it came back 3 times as fat as when I left with the blank book. It's such a wonderful thing to look at the pages you did while traveling. Now to get my pics sorted and printed, so I can add more to it.
I love your handwriting btw... I am sure your Mexico book will be another jewel on your crown! Can't wait to make another book with your online guidance...

barbara those are RUB ONS from hambly screen prints. kind of old, but perfect when you need them.

I love the smell of freesia. And a maple bacon do-nut?? My, my. My husband would do back flips for that I suppose...well, side flips at the very least.

Thanks for helping me see just how pretty the world is.

Stopping by your blog is like visiting a spa. I always feel so calm and regenerated after looking at all the beauty! Top and bottom of the cover on your top photo--are the magenta labels stamps? Or rub ons? LOVE them!

Hellllllllooooooo Kitty, no not that hello kitty....OMG goodness goodness no it's you, in between all that amazing color, playing peek a boo with those ASTONISHING and BRILLIANT blooms and paint with hot pink all ya want, that blast of color was sunshine to my day. And I am all in with Carol's above post...send me one of those donut delights in the mail please...a bacon donut...REALLY...and at the very least, photos?????? play by play moments as to each and every second of the experience...DO TELL...PRETTY PLEASE...with bacon and sugar and chocolate on top!!!!!!!!

LOL. Was just craving a maple bacon donut on Friday. I'm glad one of us got one this weekend!! Now I'm going back to drooling over those journal pages... :)

Are you sure there wasn't some wild and crazy dancing going on as well on Sunday? I'm picking up that vibe. :o) Donna

sounds like a great day. yay. i'm glad i live on the earth, too. :)

I ate a maple bacon donut from Rocket Donuts once. It turned out not to be to my liking, but it sounded good. I'm loving the peeks at your journals.

I've followed your blog for a few years now but rarely commented, and I just wanted to let you know how much your passion for life inspires me! So thank you! This sounds like a lovely Sunday, and I'm loving the peeks of your latest journal :)

What a fab Sunday! I am in love with the cover of your journal & the cool stitching on the spine. But just who is the mysterious Wickie?

Ooooo! I love the smell of freesias. One of my favorites!

Sounds like a full, fun day.

You did NOT go and eat a maple bacon donut without me! Well go on ahead and describe it for me. Did you send me one in the mail at least?

I cannot wait to see this journal!

what a yummy Sunday!

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