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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I would gladly stand in line for one of those muffins...er, make that three.

Ooh, I like Aroma on Tujunga too :-)

I like Alcove! But I agree the tables are small! Outside is better. Margarita, I'll get together with you! I live in Topanga Canyon :-)

yes teri! i used sketchbook pro. i love it!!!!! super fun to play with

I think I could take a swim in that coffee cup! Yum!

@EM is that Aroma cafe you are talking about on 4360 Tujunga , Studio City?

Dear Mary Ann, Do you go to these places alone? or do you go solo? Reason why I'm asking is because I live in the San Fernando Valley Ca. not too far away from where you live. I've been reading your blog for a while now and I've been dying to meet you. A little about my self I am an 58 married an empty nester unfortunately my husband suffered several strokes and resides in a nursing home so I am truly an empty nester. I am what is called a crafts person in the costume entertainment world. I worked for the Los Angeles Opera for 10 1/2 years. Prior to that I was in the fashion industry. I love any thing related to fiberarts. My girlfriend Monica who is a blogger "The Creative Beast" turned me on to your blog and I have been hooked ever since. If you don't mind someone like me joining you for breakfast please let me know.

Thanks a bunch. I just gained five pounds from looking at the pictures.

looks yummy!
clicked on yahoo today and saw the story on hot springs and immediately knew where it was!-
because of your pictures last yr~

Let's see...
Fun app-enhanced photos...check
Yummy looking food...yep
Gorgeous flowers...ditto
Cute Alcove...two thumbs up
As always, thanks for sharing! :)

Did you use a special app to write on a photo, Mary Ann?

those big muffin looking things are BREAD PUDDING! and thats what I took home in the bag. with a basil garnish of course

DEATH BY BLOGGING. Seriously Mary Ann are ya tryin' to kill me? I mean I gained 10 pounds just lookin'. OH, OH, my tummy is growling and thumping and yelling at me to PALEASSSEEE get me one of those yummies. OMG girl, no wonder I keep wearing out my wings. There is a little tab that assures me they will keep me in flight but not if I keep taking on extra baggage if ya get my drift. Anyhoo, I am happy that you've dined and devoured and drank the goodness you've shared with us. It looks divine.

Reminds me of Aroma in Studio City. (Love that place.)

One of those ooey gooey yummy looking things in pic 3, I'm thinkin' :-)

It's the basil garnish. You are taking it home to chop it up and put it on some home-made pizza because you don't beleve in wasting anything. AND if you had a lemon wedge in your water you brought that home too... didn't you?

Is it one of those sugary things that look so scrumptious? Sometimes I wish my computer was 3-D or that I could reach my hand inside to what I'm looking at and grab it.

one of those concoctions in the photo directly above ... ?

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