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Thursday, February 02, 2012


Excellent, as always.
I can just make out a tiny Mary Ann reflected in the lidded (coffee)jug.

That is some spectacular sugar sparkle you got there Miss Mary Ann.

Deeelish. Simple is Divine. YOUR simple is Divine-er. You know what I mean....

I'm glad to hear this, Mary Ann. It seems everyone is altering photos these days. While it's fun to play around and take photos into the arty realm, I also prefer to be reminded of the moment unadorned, unaltered.

I love seeing YOU in the coffee pot!!

plain and simple .. so very often the one we fall in love with and the one we love best. xoDonna

beautiful photos! i want to follow those two "roads" in the last photo right into a magical world!

I like that photo, too, though my eye was drawn to what I am sure were handmade tortillas under the cloth to the back of the photo. When I was little we buttered our tortillas and sprinkled them generously with that coarse grained sugar. so good.

I said it before, that sugar bowl shot is a keeper. Makes me want to break out my oil paints and give it a twirl. Have you ever had a poster made from your photos - if not, give it a try -- not too expensive and amazing what you can do. I have a photo of my senior citizen cat, just half his face, in a 36 x 24 poster -- I was so happy I took the risk and did it. Just like a virgin poster maker.

Yep, it's a keeper!

Your photos and journal pages are always so inspirational and speak to me in such a deep meaningful way.

Your photos always speak volumes all on there own and I adore that about the photos you share. You can tweak em all ya like but in the end they say exactly what you want them to say to your heart. Ya know I've never quite thought that the term 'still life' really is all that still. The photo of the table setting for instance. I can almost hear the tinkling of the spoon as it grazes the side of the sugar bowl as it is submerged into that sweet sparkling mound. There are no people in the photo and yet I can almost hear the sounds of everyday life being lived by those not in the shot. The photo might very well be static but the experiences within it are fully alive. Your photos always move me that way. Always keeps me coming back for more.

Gorgeous colors!

Love the way that colorful stripe finds its' way right into the sugar bowl!

I quite agree

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