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Saturday, February 04, 2012


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Looks like a divine day!
This post is so visually beautiful. I'm more of a textile person, but avidly follow your intoxicating wanderings. Do you envision a possible new course in which you might share your newfound facility with the iPad? I'd be first in line.

Love the text/drawing-enhanced photos. Fun!

Oh my that looks good! Breakfast is probably my fav meal to eat out.

I just got SP for Ipad. I wasnt looking at the right app and so it showed it was %59.95!! I thought you really splurged! But when I found SP for Ipad... $4.99 I thought I can afford that! So now I am off to play with it.

Happy Weekend!

Hear! Hear! An iPad course! I'd be right behind Jan in line...

love what you are doing with your ipad. breakfast place list ... also a fabuloso idea. donna

You are just an fountain of information!Thanks for the breakfast places to go in L A info

it is going to be fun to see how your daily 'real' journal pages transform when you start adding your manipulated 'ipad' pages into it. love the breakfast shot with the 'additions'. fun stuff.
have a great Sunday!

I love breakfast and am so jealous you have a breakfast eating buddy!

Your pictures makes me love Los Angeles, and I never thought I would! Love, love, love with hugs and kisses, every single photo of your neighborhood and local places you post!

I want some special reflecting syrup, and the California sky to go with it!

You know how I love your food pictures!!! YUMMY!! Do they serve corned beef hash in California?? That is my special breakfast treat!! (What can I say...I'm a NY girl at heart!!)

LOVE, the whole dang post. i was told i should check out your blog cuz we're thinking of moving to LA this summer from SF. So, i'll keep watching and keep getting more excited...

I love this sketch, and this makes me want an I pad!

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