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Saturday, February 11, 2012


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oh wow i am jealous! jealous!

Ohhh-land of the Vikings! That should be interesting! Can't wait to tag a long.

Pining away... I get it ha-ha-ha.

Oh boy, I could tell you stories. Where are you going? I lived in western Norway for 3 years. Bømlo, Voss, the Hardanger fjord. I have friends and "family" all over. School friends and my Norwegian host family. I used to know the lingo but it's been 30 years and everyone tells me to speak English, lol Life is perhaps less exotic than Turkey, Hungary, Paris or Chiapas but the people are wonderful and the country is beautiful. I am horribly biased! Ha, ha I do pine for the fjords. My idea of paradise.

Looking at the street scene, I recognize Håkon Hallen in the background. Bergen... my favorite city besides San Francisco. A school friend works for the newspaper, BA (Bergen's Avis). Let me know if you want to be introduced.

Was there in 1977 -- Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim. Don't remember much, it was half a lifetime ago. I'm sure you'll love it!

The man comes home from work and I say "GUESS where she is going NOW? " He gave up. We ponder where you get such a wunderlust for exotic places. But we are glad.

One of our friends lives there...born and bred. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to ask him. I am extremely jealous right now. ;)

Norway is such a beautiful place!!!

I would love to go there! And as a side note, who knew so many of your readers had Norwegian connections/experience! How cool is that!

Have a fabulous trip and I hope that you like to eat Fish morning noon and night. The Norwegians love their fish and they are having a butter shortage- hopefully that will be over before you go!!

it is a lovely country and beautiful people...so envious you will enjoy it - very different than your mexico trip!

I am so excited...Norway looks like such a beautiful country!!! Although it's never been on my bucket list of places to visit, I'm sure it will be after you introduce me to the country!!

I will be in Norway in late June - it'll be my first trip there. I am so excited! Can't wait to read more about your upcoming trip - hopefully I get a few ideas of destinations to see during my visit.

I am green with envy that you are visiting Norway. My grandma is from Norway. I've always wanted to visit there. Take lots of picutres so I can enjoy it throu your eyes Mary Ann. By the way, how do you find all these great accommodations that you stay in?

My oh my, it looks beautiful and the hills look steeper than San Francisco's! You are so lucky to have a sister who shares your traveling passion and your curiosity. what a blessing!

I'm soooo jealous, I've always wanted to go to Norway and these pics are bringing Norway back up toward to the top of my 'must go to' list I have friends who used to go annually to sightsee and see family and loved it. I especially love your hide-away before your sister arrives; I think I could be there for a long time! Can't wait for your trip!

WoW sooooo gorgeous !

Ohhhh....fabulous! Can not wait to read the posts from Norway. :D

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