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Saturday, February 11, 2012


You have some serious scouting talents.

You find the most fantastic places to visit and abodes to stay in. Love this. :D

This place has great lighting!

BTW, where will you be at and what is the name of your abode in June (both places?). I'd like to add them to my notes o where to stay, etc. Thanks!

Um...there is a C - a - t on the bed in one of the photos. Is this why you decided to stay there? I know it would seal the deal for me! Looking forward to "our" trip.


There will be night. You need to get above the arctic circle for the midnight sun. Sunrise 3ish. Sunset almost 11 pm. Close enough for me!!!!

This all looks so wonderful and I hope you and Carol have the best time ever. I look forward to all your posts in June about the trip. The apartment looks fabulous.

Cool, literally... you're going to Bergen? Lucky you! Now to tell you my story. I actually LIVED in Norway when I was 20 for a couple of months. I was a weavers apprentice in a little town called Asker, which is basically a suburb of Oslo. You will be on the fjord side which I never got to but it is supposed to be gorgeous (and very windy!).
Norwegian breakfasts were so good... toasts, cheeses (I remember a firm white cheese and my favorite GJETOST which you have to slice really thin and put on hot toast and it melts into a wonderful caramelly goodness -- try the real goat one, it is so much tastier than the half goat, half cow milk one). And there is a wonderful (sorry don't remember the name) for lack of better word, fish mold (it is molded into cute shapes) and served steamed with a caper sauce. Oh that was so good!!!
AND... don't forget -- after you eat you say "Tak fur matt" which means "thanks for the food" especially if someone else has cooked for you!
Oh Mary Ann you will enjoy it... It has been OMG 40 years for me but I still have wonderful memories. The white birches in the forests... the very pristine streets and parks. Norwegians can be reserved but once they open up they are very kind. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!

OH... oh and if you get to Oslo at all, I remember there were fantastic textile and modern arts museums. And the sweaters... your sister will LOVE LOVE LOVE The wool!!

I had no idea that Norway is so adorable! Your apt looks fabulous!! I am looking forward to experiencing it all through your posts!!

What an adventure. You may wish to watch this blog


Britt Arnhild has such a beautiful view on life and Norway. And, I believe, she is coming to California this year so you may be able to give her some ideas on travel. Enjoy.

I am still jealous that you can get your sister to travel with you. My sister would go into Baltimore with me, but only if I drive! But travel outside the US? not a chance!

You've done it again. Found what appears to be an insanely fabulous place to stay. Can't wait till you share your adventure with us stay-at-homes.

Oh! I guessed it would be somewhere in the Scandinavian countries! Really looking forward to your pics and journals from there! :-)) Also, I was thinking about you yesterday, and I wonder whether it was you (or another blogger?? God knows I read hundreds! :)) who said she enjoys editing Wikipedia entries? well, I was searching for "art journal" yesterday, and it doesn't exist in Wikipedia! Or, rather, it takes too long to find it, and I'm sure there's a way to edit it so that it appears as an entry. And sorry if it wasn't you in the first place! ;)))

Another fab trip coming up for you this summer. Warning: Scandinavia is INSANELY expensive, beware... I am talking normal daily life here... But they are also insanely beautiful, so I take it it's a nice trade off. I used to read a lot about those countries, writers like Margit Soderholm and Astrid Lindgren - their way of life is so different from the rest of Europe and even more different then the American way. I am sure you will have a grand time, with lots of neat things to see. A huge jump from the South of Mexico to the North of Europe... ;o)))
Let me know if you have a stop over in England, I do have a guest room that holds two...

That will teach me for trying to get inside your head! yeAH! Norway. xodonna

Such beautiful light and apartment! Fires along the fjords? No night? Fascinating!

One of those pictures looks alot like Oslo to me... will you be there for Midsummer? The Norwegians celebrate with fires along the fjords. It is so eerie that it just doesn't get dark at night...

oh my! I'm deliciously jealous. What a beautiful apartment and view. you are very blessed to travel the way you do. how wonderful.

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