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Saturday, February 18, 2012


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Aahh, muy tranquilo! Have a great weekend - a frequently needed restorative getaway from work.
Edith y yo are at the beach in Puerto Escondido this week. It's heaven here! I walked along the beach early this morning as the fishermen came in with the daily catch. Swordfish, langostini, & mucho mas.
Now, up to the roof of the Flo de Maria for an afternoon of dipping in the pool, sunbathing & piña coladas. So happy to know we are both in beautiful places.
Xoxo, S

One? Who's the author? (It looks rather cool.)

Enjoy Ojai! It's on my to do list right after Solvang. (I need a couple of those little horses bad.)

YO Sister! I like your new scarf. pretty pretty pretty.

oh that book is lovely, her words and photography.
i'm sure you are loving it too.

Is this the same Ojai place you visited before? Would I fit with two little boys? If so how do you contact to rent - we need a getaway!?

Oh, hi.

So pretty, every picture.

I just can't take my eyes off that scene from the porch~~how peaceful and beautiful it looks!! I need a place like that, heck, we all need a place like that!!

Now that looks peaceful! Have a good couple of lazy days. With toast and jam. Nothing more is needed.

Hi Mary Ann...just returned from Ojai, the weather was perfect!
La Fonte Pizze has the best crostinidi salmone and pizza piemontese and sitting in the rear garden is the perfect area for dining and people watching.
I do hope you have the opportunity to peruse Bart's books, the world's greatest outdoor bookstore.
And if you have time to stop in Santa Barbara pop your head in to Lewis & Clark on State Street and Paper source across the street,
inspiration galore!
Enjoy your adventure!

Couldn't wait to open get on your blog after babysitty grandkids, twins 9, brother 12. Now I need to relax and enjoy our weekend. Fun thanks for sharing.

An artist friend of mine just bought a house in Ojai. I didn't realize that was where you were weekending. Maybe you'll cross paths at some point-she plans to open a gallery at some point when she's settled.


Now that dose look like the perfect place for a reading retreat , enjoy every min of it as you know they do go fast when your having fun.....my you do take great pics I almost feel its me look out that window, anywho enjoy

I agree with an earlier comment - that book looks awesome. In fact, the whole weekend does!

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