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Friday, February 10, 2012


I'd love to teach you, but since we live on opposite sides of the country... The next best advice I could offer on crochet is Craftyminx's Crochet School. Free lessons, very well made and she does a great job of explaining with quality videos; better than any others I've seen on Youtube, etc. Here is her address http://www.craftyminx.com/2011/11/crochet-school-.html You can do it! (I'm self-taught also.)

Mary Ann...go on a video on crocheting. I knit but when I need to learn something on crocheting they are great! You can do it!

UTube has crochet videos for you or anyone else who wants to learn and has no one to give instruction. I live too far, or I would help out.

I'm enjoying your journey. Lovely photos. Love the work in your journal and I love the last photo.

Feeling rather clever and a bit like a stalker, as I discovered the original of that last photo and now know where you're going but don't worry, I promise to only use my powers for good and not evil. Nor will I reveal the secret, but looks like another fabulous, fascinating location!

Love, love, love those crocheted bits of paper - must see if my rudimentary skills (most useful for crocheting with wire to make necklaces) will allow me to make something similar. Thanks for yet another cool idea, MA!!

hey maryanne, i have some that my mom made that i could gift you.... you just need to send my your mailing address... and yes,they're gorgeous...!! xoxo


I agree! I would be happy to teach you to crochet -- I teach that at work once a quarter to my coworkers during lunch!

LOVE the crochet project! I don't know how either, but have a feeling we could learn from You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqca00LdmAc I might give it a go if I can find a crochet hook here. Travel plans? You've got me hooked. The steep gable ended roofs (built for snow) have me curious - all the wood siding - the 'new' looking paths in this photo ... all very neat and tidy. Let me stick my neck waaaay out .. I'm saying it's not Europe -- I'm saying we have a real surprise in store. hmmmmm ... gotta admit, you've got me going! SA? xodona

The photo of Wyatt is especially gorgeous.

I wondered about that, how you traveled with your travel journal. I took my 9 on 6 one with me in carry on and logged myself silly... And I did not even work that much in it. Next time I will probably take some loose paper or get a sketchbook of some kind that is easier to carry. You get fine and dandy ideas all the time... There's no stopping you...

Hi M/A I would love to teach you to crochet, since you've taught (are teaching) me to make journals!! :-)

That last photo is gorgeous, having fun gathering 'stuff'!

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