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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Did you say St. Germain? I discovered that particular elixir a few months ago. I now have another reason to get to the end of the day!

Blue skies and warm? Sounds so good. I have to ask about the drink as well. What is in it? That Joyce is a very special person to know. My grandfather had a very large pointsetta bush in his backyard in sunny SanDiego. I miss them both. Isn't the world full of wonder?

I once had strawberries straight from the field in California and thought I had died and gone to heaven... An angel peeing on my tongue. Have fun with the crochet. Curious what you will make of that. It will be fab I am sure!

I thought I felt your presence nearby yesterday. I'm over in Thousand Oaks...it was incredibly beautiful yesterday! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your new skill!!

What a fun day! (Love the shadow pic.)

sounds and looks divine! xo

That sounds lovely. Beautiful pics!

so perhaps we will be seeing bits of crochet in your art journals?! gorgeous sunshine and poinsettias...full of envy from dreary Ohio...

Love St Germain; it is the elixir n'cest pas? Go you on the crochet!

What a great little getaway. I love the picture of the poinsettia tree and I never realized they were trees. Funny how you never stop to think about that. Thanks for sharing.

Poinsettia trees - take one's breath away. All sounds magical. Can't wait to see what comes off the crochet hook. xoDonna

Those poinsettias have me swooning! I still have three from Christmas 'hidden' away in my back yard, and they are just as proud and beautiful as they were in December. Sounds like you had a great adventure ( wasn't the weather awesome today)?!

The last and only time I was in Somis must've been in 1968 (you weren't born yet, were you!?) when I was going to Valley State (when CSUN was Valley State). A friend and I rode there from the dorm on his Vespa over the Santa Susana Pass way before there was a freeway going into Simi Valley. Very uncomfortable ride, but I was young and it was an adventure.

Sounds like a perfect weekend!! I don't know what a St Germaine cocktail is but I'll bet it is yummy!! My mouth is watering at the thought of those strawberries---real fresh fruit that hasn't traveled halfway across the country in a truck...oh, my!! One of my old college buds taught me how to crochet back in 2003 but unfortunately I didn't keep up with it and now I'd need to start all over. I do remember it as being enjoyable though so have fun with it!! What are you making?

Suddenly find myself humming "Ventura highway in the sunshine, where the days are longer, the nights are stronger than moonshine..."

Great photos. Poinsetta trees? Strawberries in February? California sounds like a wonderful place to this Canadian still in the midst of the winter without snow. What is a St. Germain cocktail, pray tell? Can't wait to see the crochet results!

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