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Tuesday, February 07, 2012


It looks very much like Newfoundland, but the license plates are European, so I'm going with the Netherlands or Scandinavia...or maybe Iceland. When will you tell us where this is...???? Don't keep us hanging, OK?

Forgot you are a teacher, please ignore the punctuation errors.

The location of your next adventure looks amazing. The bacon maple donut however does not. Good thing I am old enough to know sometimes the things that don't look so appetizing are actually the best tasting.

Still bacon? maple? and a donut?

What's the white stuff? glaze?

Uh... Yummy!

I got to northern Sweden every summer for a month. If you are going to Sweden you will love it.

Sister....I've had that doughnut....A-Frigging-Amazing! I got three...ate one in the card Photographed (for my blog) the other two. Ate another, and TRIED to save the last one for Joe to try. When he got home from work, there was no sigh of any doughnuts, and he didn't know anything about them until he read my blog. Needless to say, I had to confess, and tell him I only bought TWO, one for him and one for me! when he asked where his was, I made up some story about robbers, and how they took the TV and the doughnut! He almost bought it, but I had bacon crumbs on the side of my mouth.

I think with the bacon maple syrup combo somewhere in Eastern Canada - they have some really quaint places there... but who knows. Looks very inviting all the same!

Germany? And I'll take a hot doughnut to go. Please?

I am trying to cheat and looking at the license plates but my eyesight is not that good, can anyone else see???

Maybe Germany? No idea really but "I want to go to there" wherever it is...and that donut! YUM!

I'd like to change my guess to Norway.

It looks like Iceland to me..maybe Raykjavik?

It looks just like that town in "Kiki's Delivery Service".

I am NOT going to let my sweet hubby see this photo..
No Way.
No How.
BUT if we ever decided to head out your way...
well, maybe, just maybe I'd let him see this.

Your such a teaser!

Looks like they drive on the left....could it be Ireland? Or Scotland? Or a coastal English town? You have to post something more illuminating....those trash cans look too Home Depotish. Wow, that donut isn't the prettiest thing I have ever seen but who chews with their eyes open anyways.

I'm still thinking this is Scandinavia (which country, I know not)...or...Iceland...
Craving that donut now...

If you're heading to Scandinavia, I have relatives who can shuttle you along like the underground railroad....

Where ever it is it looks gorgeous and I want to go!!! And that donut well, I am starving and it looks amazing too.

me want donut

pfhhttt. knives and forks are for sissies. ;) drools...

Such pretty houses.

Could this be Iceland? I went there once, never breathed such clean air before!

Dare I say Sweden or Norway in Europe? The donut looks delicious...
It looks like a swell place where you will go. But I think you should show us a bit more of your Mexico book first before going on another trip... Any place with colored houses like the ones we see can't be bad...

Are we playing stump the librarian? Because I am stumped.

Iceland or Finland?

If I send you a zip lock baggie and $5, will you mail me one of those donuts? Please???

Wherever you go they sure take good care of their buildings. Paint must be cheap!

given the sky and houses....Sweden.

Looks like Norway to me!

Oh. My. God. I don't think I've ever be so jealous!

I have no idea where this is. I have never been there, it looks a bit like Newfoundland. As for the donut. Doughnut. In Canada we are doughnut experts and I've never seen one of these either! Good grief. I know nothing it would seem. How do you two decide where you'll go on all your adventures. List? I don't know!

holy donut! wow! I think I just drooled on myself. xo

Yeah, I'm going with Norway? I've always wanted to visit... :-)

Not sure where this is but I see water in the background....

I have no idea, seems indeed a little scandinavian to me. Wherever it is, it looks like a place i would like to visit too. Beautiful.

Norway?? Anyway - looks gorgeous!!!!!

Those streets look a heck of a lot like my second home, Norway. If you go, you're going to have to shrink me down and stick me in your suitcase!

I have no idea where you're going, but that doughnut looks delicious, especially if it was warm.

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