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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


OMG I'm a dog person but I can tell you he has totally been a person in his prior life. The face and expression and his body I just want to squeeze him and have a conversation the pic almost looks fake.

HA! His name is MikeyMike and your friend and neighbor across the street--that would be me, Susan, has been feeding him--like--for months! But now he only stops by every few days. He likes to eat Fussy Cat with just a little bit of dry food and a bit of 'catmilk' on top. He is a very sweet cat. Please tell him to stay in touch!

That FACE ... those eyes. Wow, you have more willpower than me.

Love all the flippy pages in the journal!

It does not matter if you feed him or not as you said someone is already feeding him. But Tom has already adopted Moss cottage as part of his life and you really have no choice in the matter. He has taken up residence. That's just how cats are and we have no choice but to accept them. ;) I know 3 gingers adopted me when they were very little and have never left.

OMG - that face!!! I keep telling whoever is in charge of this nonsense that the Inn is closed dammit!!! We're now up to five.........I think whoever is in charge doesn't listen very well.........

Please feed and love TOM. He needs you.

I would - but I live 1,000 miles away. And, um, that five thing............

Whatever are you thinking? Cats always win. They have never quite forgotten that they were once worshiped as gods you know. On a different note, I LOVE your ROD class. Gave you a plug on my blog today. Thanks for the inspiration!

I'm the same way about taking forever to finish a project. I think a little part of me doesn't want the project to end. You little visitor Tom looks kind of cute. I'm sure sweet Buck would approve.

of course you would never dream of adopting Tom. First come the Tom journal, then the phot journal of Tome, followed by Toms Chair and finally a bad. Some where in Heaven for Cats a certain buck is transmitting messages on how to capture Momma Cat MA.

Tom is an emissary from

Fabulous journal!
Lovely Tom (I've got a lovely ginger Daisy who adopted us while we were at Table Rock Lake).

Your journal is too fabulous for words. OK, now that I have your attention.......what are you giving Tom for dinner? You know you want to. We all want you to. It's fate. You have to. He chose you.

Cheryl, I painted some of the pages then folded, assembled , and sewed them into the book cover. Wrote and collaged in Mexico then came home and added photos I print on my computer. Make sense? If you look in the travel journal section you can see the pages before I sewed them in.

i was lured by the call of a scrappy ginger. now he spoons with me in bed.

AW, come on now Mary Ann, you know you want to feed him, let him in, give him some love. He is really beautiful. Looks to me like he's adopted your family.

In case you didn't know, cats choose us. We don't choose them. Tom has chosen you. go with it. I love your travel journals period but this one is uber-delicious. Are the pages made separately? then sewn in? or how?

That is one jewel of an album... Love it all. The flip outs, flip ins, color, writing. I wished you would live around the corner so I could come and visit you and actually touch the journals. You are able to give your journals that extra touch of magic...
I hope that we will be able to browse through a (yeah, big, big) part of it... if it is shareable online that is...
And Tom, well Tom, he knows that he has a space to fill. He was probably put on your path because you need him, even if you don't realize it yet. Animals never just show up for nothing... I think he looks fierce and he has taste obviously in picking out humans to live with... (Forget about you choosing a cat, a cat chooses you...)

For a slow mover you sure produce an amazing amount of visual goodness, esp. since you deal with craft monkeys all day and peeping Tom's at night. So glad you said you don't mind being slow when you enjoy it a decade from now. Makes me feel a bit better about my own snail's pace. Maybe Mr. Tom is applying for the sheriff's position? Who wouldn't want to be inside Moss Cottage?

I think Buck sent a Little Lion to protect you and the posse!

That is so awesome.

If you can resist that face, you're stronger than me... and that's said coming from a dog person.

I love your journal. It looks like such a nice mixture of written and visual. Love the way the pages fold out. Very intriguing ... calls to be touched and looked at, over and over ...

I think Buck gave Tom a little push towards your place....work gets around in the neighborhood....who's house is the best for cats!! You know he'll be inside before you know it!!

TOM is being fed very very well by my neighbor across the street, but he likes it over here for some reason. Likes to sleep out back on the patio furniture and go all around the house and meow. When I look out the window hes staring at me. Hes a peeping Tom! My neighbor adores him and has a nice set up for mr. Tom and feeds him special food. Hes very pampered, but wants to get inside moss cottage! Silly cat!

LOVE the journal! And the new kitty :)

Journal is awesome, of course. As for kitty boy, you'll fold since you have the willpower of a gnat when it comes to animals.

He's staked his claim ... you initiated the conversation ... of course you'll invite him in.

Your travel journal is wonderful!! as for Tom, a little bit of food wouldn't hurt. It's great that you know his name. :)

You might as well, because he can probably stare longer than you can.

Ohhhh, Pretty Please Adopt Tom, he is so cute...you know ya love him already, look at those eyes :)

ah go ahead and feed him....you know you're going to, lol!

Oh please adopt Tom. I can't stand that sad look in his eyes. I'm pretty sure he is pleading with you. I fear how many cats I would rescue if I didn't have my hubby hear as the voice of reason. Your journal is just gorgeous! A visual delight!

I love the way Tom's two stripes line up across his front paws - as he sits elegantly waiting for you! He seems the persistent type, and you are just going to give in. And just read all the comments. We're all shouting FEED HIM, FEED HIM. Never mind that another cat would cost you money. WE want to see more pictures of Tom and hear about his misdemeanours. The price of having a fan following!!!!!

Your journal looks tantalizingly exquisite. I'd love to get my hands on it and take it for a spin. Tom? Well, you know how men are when they decide to pursue you ..... persistent. :o) Enjoy. xodonna

Your journal is spectacular, what a wonderful memory to treasure. And that cat is adorable, you will so give in to him in the end. He is just very slowly moving in with you and you will let him. Yes you will. (been there, done that)

Yeah, good luck with that M.A. This one had me at pre-hello. You just have to wonder why he showed up at your place - maybe just Bucky come 'round in another form. Who knows, eh? "Therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." xxoo

Tom <3

I dunno...I'm thinking that ginger boy's got a face that is hard to resist!

I love the journal . . . how your pages fold out. I've usually avoided books that size but now I am going to totally rethink that! BTW, I think Tom has come your way with Buck's blessings. One need fills another's.

Just look at that face! You're sunk and you know it! LOL

Ha! I think that Tom showed up at the best house in the neighborhood; word gets around, don't ya know . . . He's looks very sweet and those eyes have that sort of sad, hopeless, "love me" look about them. I hope he becomes part of the posse soon! Your travel journal is stunning. I want to try some of those cool fold outs in my next one. How big is this journal?

Hi Mary Ann, I say ditto, along with all other commenters, about Tom( I melted at his picture.) How can you resist????? And I LOVE this most recent travel journal! I want to learn how to do all those folds and flips and EVERYTHING. Which of your classes would you suggest? Thanks, Leslie

Oh how can you resist Tom? You can't, I KNOW you can't - and you shouldn't. He's sooooo cute. Poor little guy just wants to join your family! :)

Love the travel journal too!

Awwww, he is totally handsome in a disheveled sort of way...kinda like Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise. And, he has bedroom eyes! You won't last another 24 hours, his charms are calling. Maybe Buck sent him to keep watch over you and keep all the demented felines at bay. Love your journal, so colorful, and all the fold outs are fun.

Tom has a very sweet face! Adopt him!!! Love him!!!

When you said Tom was lonely it just broke my heart. All too often we don't get to choose love, love chooses us!! No--we don't get to choose who, when or where. It seems that you, my friend, have been chosen. Yup, check and mate!! Your move!! It doesn't stink that he is a handsome devil!! Good luck.

P.S. (Can you tell where my priorities lie?) Your travel journal is A-MAZING!! I love all the tip-outs/fold-outs and just EVERYTHING!!

You are totally going to feed that boy. Don't know why you are trying to kid yourself (or us). You really aren't fooling any of us at all; we've figured out a long time ago what a softy you are... especially for a handsome boy kitty cat!!!

Those eyes are pleading :) He loves you!

I give you two more weeks til he is in your bed. LOL

Oh you are totally going to adopt him. Just cave.

Aw, poor lonely Tom, just waiting patiently for you to start loving him. How can you resist that face??? And yes, oh my, the journal - love, love, love the fold out bits. Take your time to finish but keep posting photos in the meantime, okay?Please and thank you.

Oh you would make such a good mother for Tom; I know he would be forever thankful, and look how cute he is.

You know you are going to feed him lol, He is handsome and would be great company . I just love your latest journal it looks fantastic.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE your newest journal. Fulltilt awesomeness. The hidey hole pages are so cool. Gotta love a journal with secret hiding places. As for Tom, you see he's chosen Moss Cottage as his vacation rental. He is simply waiting for some formal introductions and for his bed to be turned down. ;) We've got a resident cat which we call stalker kitty since he's always scouting and stalking through the yard. He's quite friendly, his owners don't feed him and he's allowed to roam at will. He'll curl around anyone's legs and used to love to come say Hi to Jazz when we went out for our walks. Jazz didn't mind other animals, far as she was concerned as long as she knew he was top dog, she was willing to share her humans with other animals and critters.

Hey MA- it's not winter today......you can speed up a little. :)

85 in San Diego today... Hope in guys warmed up too.

Yowza, that travel journal is amazing! I always love the "unveiling" of one of your new travel journals ...such a visual feast.

oh, hell..you are looking at a new family member who seems to have picked you! He is cute and it sounds like he is wooing you. tho may take a while for the rest of the crew to warm up to him. love love love the journals!!!

I'm not even a cat person, but Tom is very cute! he will definitely be part of the cat posse in no time!

Love the journal - looks like there is so many secret happy spots in it!

Yes, I agree. Tom will win you over with his 'scrappy ginger cat' -- and I love the looks of the journal with all of its folds and secret hiding places!

Like we are all going to believe that line.........not in this life or the next. The next thing we will be reading is that Tom is part of the family. I would bet a paycheck on that one......... Have fun with Tom.

Hi Tom: you are cute. I like you. Want to be my friend? I want to be your friend. Sincerely yours, Lewis Mulvenon

You know you want to feed him....yes, you do....you LIKE him. I can tell. He likes you, too....and you want to feed him. He told me. Loudly. Chicken would be goooooooooooood....... Now. Feed Tom chicken. NOW.

Ha, I don't believe you. You will feed him, it's just a matter of time. I said the same thing about Boss who stared at us every day, I didn't feed him UNTIL he just kept on coming around. Now he is sleeping in the house whenever and whereever he wants. My one cat hates him the other plays with him. Nope, I don't want him but he wanted us so he seems to be here to stay. Good luck but my money is on the cat.

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