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Monday, February 20, 2012


I read that book, picked it up at the dollar store of all places, and really liked it. I always come back to your blog, it is like an old friend :)

I live in Ventura about ten minutes from Ojai and I am already planing a get a way with the hubby at the Love Shack thanks to you. So beautiful!

I am in love with the love shack

Such sweet bliss!!!! What a treasured place to kick back, soak in and absorb. I remember with fondness your last venture here. I was tucked away, hiding in a corner and enjoyed every moment. I remained quiet so as not to startle you by my presence. I am so glad you share your journey's with us here. I've traveled a lot since discovering your blog so many moons ago and dropping in for a cupa and some relaxation is always something I look forward to each day!!!!!

Loved our weekend, I feel more relaxed. I really wish I could visit there one day and who knows maybe I will. Glad your back and thanks for taking me on your trip.

Thank you Mary Ann for sharing the cabin info......it's a bit pricey when one does not have a job but it's on my list

ok...crazy! I just was just saying "Home again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig" last night as we arrived back from the SAME area! (My kids think I'm crazy when I say that by the way - glad someone else says it too, lol). We had a great time doing that funky train ride over in Fillmore (near Ojai). Such an interesting area -you're right. My son goes to college at CSUCI and we're looking forward to doing more exploring in "the VC" soon~

It looks lovely and sounds like a perfect holiday weekend. I'm listening to the audio version of The Memory of Running and enjoying it very much. Thanks for sharing.

Sounds like heaven!! I would love a week in a place like that!

I added highway 150 on my to do highways... Thanks Mary Ann for the lovely photo's. Our world becomes bigger seeing things on the internet...

I love the kitchen. Karenxx

Now I'm seriously considering a trip to the Love Shack; it seems like the perfect place to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with oneself!

It was fun to get to spend another weekend there (through your eyes)!
Erin in Morro Bay

sigh. mucho bueno, Chica. xodonna

I explored the cabin website and fell in love--what a perfect place!!! Not practical for a long weekend getaway for me so I think I'll look for a place in TN. I can definitely see why you find that place so rejuvenating!!

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