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Saturday, February 04, 2012


Such a sweet memory. My 6 year old is named Maya (Sun Goddess) Soleil (Sun in French). I say this to her everyday; and "you are my sunshine," sometimes followed by the entire song. :-)

Mary Ann....you made me think of my daddy too - he used to call me Peepers....and my sister was Zoomers...a very fond memory-thank you for that and for all of your glorious living and sharing.
XO -Dawn

love people remember little things like that ;) I remember my Pop pop would have a powered donut in the morning and carefully cut pieces around...giving me one or two. Your sharing just brought up that memory for me. Thank you! ...and always nice with a pile of books on the bed quilt for sure!

Enjoy every second of it Mary Ann!!!! Indulge and play and discover. I know you will.

oh, me too, i decide to take the whole weekend off from working and play in one of my journals, was up to 2 a.m. last might, having so much fun, enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

You should be excited! Weekends are lovely - time for reading, time for art, time to enjoy the sunshine! My weekend is Sunday and Monday and I'm already excited!! Enjoy your wonderful weekend.
Erin in Morro Bay

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