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Sunday, February 19, 2012


What a wonderful, peaceful place you found.
I love those old metal lawn chairs. I have two similar on my back patio. I am amazed at how many different cutout designs they have on their backs.

Love the green chair (and the wicker chair, and the sunshine, and the green growing things...).

Wish I was there.

How nice and peaceful enjoy!

Looks like a slice of Heaven. Does it have a bathroom and running water? Just kidding...

oh looks so peaceful! a place I'd want to refresh at. I'm organizing my new studio today and decluttering. although love what I'm doing, I'd rather be sitting in the green chair gazing at the water. Hope your getting refreshed.

I'd love to take rubbings from that green chair. Got paper?

It's a bit chilly here in LA this morning. Off to see Cirque de Soleil. Sun is still shining!

Gorgeous. Looks like heaven on a porch. Many birds about? Our mockingbird that nested last year in our yard came back yesterday and he was pissed because we had to cut down the huge old tree he had raised his chicks in last year, he was dive bombing me as I worked on my lasagne garden! Off to Home Depot for soil and compost etc. Have a lovely day:)

Oh, so pretty! So unlike here! (Cold and gray...and rain to come.) Soak up the sun a little for me!

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