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Thursday, February 23, 2012


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who are you kidding? Tom already has wormed his way into your heart!!!

You can start your crochet lesson by making kitty cat hats!

Love seeing your journal -- so inspiring!
Yeah face it Mary Ann, we ALL know as soon as you introduced us to Tom that you were already a goner! LOL None of this "we're just friends" for your crafty readers!!
Have fun with the crochet thing -- is this where you learn how to do it (I remember that post a while back saying you wanted to learn) or did you already teach yourself?

Your 'flippin' journal fascinates me! Crochet your little heart out. xodonna

Ohhhh, so TOM is already in da house :) I'n happy for you and for cute lonely TOM. Have a good weekend!!!!!

I need to find a left handed Ohio crocheter who can teach this left handed Ohio wanna be!

Love the light in your Ojai pictures. Springie, dare I say it. Have fun on the crochet weekend. I need a bed spray btw... Should you ask.
Glad that Tom might be playing cards... He is a gorgeous cat. One day you will be pleased that you let him in, in your heart and in your house. I am sure of that!

Don't you worry, Mary Ann. Tom has already played his hand. He got you to blog about him and now we won't leave you alone until you bring him into the fold.
More journal photos please! It's fantastic!

How cool is that journal!? Love the fold-outs.

Have you ever read the children's book "Wednesday is Spaghetti day"?
It was my son's favourite book as a child and your comment about Tom's antics made me think of it - if you read it, you'll never look at a cat the same again...

Glad to hear more "Tom" adventures. Have a great time today! Love, love, love your journal and it's fliped out pages.

That Tom (MikeyMike) is from Texas, looks like a cowboy to me...bet his game is Texas Hold 'Em. He left the last tournament here in Las Vegas for some CA sunshine and found the perfect garden to hang out in. This big boy could break your heart! Look at that face!!!! I foresee a long term relationship here..."just friends"....Nah! You don't fool us.

Now about the crochet learning? I have to ask, since your sister is a knitter, why didn't you take up knitting? She could help you when you're traveling. It's a great pastime and very relaxing. It's a very Zen process. So what is your first project? Will you show us your progress?

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