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Saturday, February 18, 2012


You must be a very interesting person to chat with. You do amazing things, seemingly just on a whim.

Just the "dream" break needed and much appreciated with your magical place to read and write. Thank you so for taking us along and sharing thoughts of what you see but also what is heartfelt.

I adore May Sarton's journals, especially Journal of a Solitude and Plant Dreaming Deep. Thanks for sharing the pics and the thoughts.

I so agree with you, Hipstamatic is the bomb. I just have a hard time remembering what film I like and what lens combination... I got a pak this week which has a canvas background, loved it, but of course forgot already which film too. It came in the Americana pak.
Here in my little corner in England I am making another book with your guide pdf's. You got me on to something. I LOVE making the books, have no clue about what to put in them, but hey, the making is FAB...
Enjoy your day in your little cabin in the woods!

Lovely greens, and lovely image of you sitting with your journal describing its beauty. It's like getting a postcard indeed.

As soon as I read you were going back to this cabin, I thought, "now why didn't I plan a weekend away?". No need, reading your blog and seeing these photos is just like having a mini break of my own. Thanks, Mary Ann!! (really looking forward to "our" trip to Norway too)

oooh, i want to come sit on the porch in the sunshine and read and enjoy the fresh smells. then i want to go into town and get something to eat and come back and take a nap by the fire. can i come? lol

Oh my God, so beautiful. I can smell the smoke! Feels like I'm there.

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