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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


wowza! that stew looks GOOD!

Thanks for sharing the cookbook as well . The stew looks good to me.

Looks quite yummy. I make mine with some sundried tomatoes and throw in some wine, then add some dumplings on top. Maybe I need to make some soon!! Looks like a nice book. I'll have to see if I can track it down.

looks yummy and served on such a lovely dish.

love your attitude =)

screw the recipe, I want to come over and eat some of that...(made by you, of course)

You did so well with those onions, scorched just a bit for great flavour. The perfect winter comfort food.

I know you wouldn't do this but don't ever be tempted to use your Dutch oven for making jam or marmalade. My friend Monique made apricot jam with extreme care in hers and there was a distinct flavour of past years of stews and pot roasts. (I didn't tell her I threw it away, perhaps I should have done) but over here a dutch oven is called a 'fait tout' (do everything) and she did!

My Mom bought her first cast iron Le Creuset pots in France in 1955 (Dad was in the Navy then). So I grew up eating fabulous meals and took it for granted everyone had pots like this. Over the years as
I have served endless roasts from my orange pot people rave and I always give the credit to the pot. So glad you are enjoying the same
magic!!! Trust me the other cast iron/enameled pots/pans they make
are just as magical!!!
missy from the bayou
ps you have got to make bread it in too!!!

yummmm that looks delicious

Mmmm...makes me want to stay home to cook. I'll be trying that this weekend for sure.

I have always wantned the orange dutch oven, just might have to get it so I can make the stew, over mashed potatoes no less. I have to move next door to you so we can make books and eat your stew together - I'll cook too. Enjoy

I am having cast iron envy! Didn't Julia make her famous boeuf bourgiognon in such a vessel? Did you pat dry the boeuf before seering it,adding a scattered drift of flour, just gently blanketing le boeuf, which gives the meat a small armour of flame resistance and flavour that creates the most delicately crusty coating which only enhances the eventual juicy expansion of all the other stuff you have on hand to plop into the pop, i.e., limp everything in your fridge that doesn't smell or fall apart in technicolor pieces.

Yummy Yummy Yummy!!! Great Job....

Beef stew is my favorite and that picture looks just fine - and I have a bright red dutch oven. I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow.......:-)

Wow - that looks amazing. I just got one of those fancy Dutch ovens and am going to make this. Thanks for sharing!

That's it. I gotta get one of them there ovens. That meal looks delicious!

Yummo!!! Love the color Dutch Oven you got too!! I love those -- make the best braised meats! I ditto the comments about the drool on the keyboard! LOL Now I am hungry!!

I droooooled on your stew in my computer. Really. I did. xxDonna

Yo sister - that stew looks scrump-dilly-ish-US! Aunt Ola would surely approve. Especially if you served some bisquits with steens cane ribbon syrup on the side. yes sirree she would.

Linda I am an equal opportunity friender

I wanna visit you on Facebook. Are you taking friend requests from people you don't know in real life or should I "subscribe" to your updates??

Everything I love in a blog and now food pictures that have me reaching for a towel to wipe the drool off the keyboard, you are entering the realm of EOR again, Miss Moss!!

Oh my. My stomach literally growled when I looked at those photos. Darn you, Mary Ann Moss! haha

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