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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm there.

I'm there.

Oh wait for me! I'm coming as soon as I translate all those juices and figure out exactly which one I want. No guesswork for me. I can't wait until you see my new ORANGE knitting bag! It wants to come and visit too!

Everything about this place looks yummy, I could even lick the walls. Wonder why numero 10 is "cheese cake" instead of "tarta de queso" or something similar. Hope you enjoyed another lovely sunny day in California today. How is your garden going? The jasmine is blooming right outside my bedroom and is so fragrant I am bringing in armloads to fill up all the empty jam jars I own. Now, if only I could grow gardenias, I would think I died and went to scent heaven. Are you working on your list, starting another on-line class? Jess wondering.

I think you'd better eat that arroz before it goes bad! And I also think you and sister are in for a treat!

I'll buy you a treat and enjoy your company, oh yeah sounds like a good morning. Enjoy

Can I come too?!!

Mary Ann --I'd like to join you!

I am sitting here drinking my morning brew and frothing myself into a tizzy just looking at all those amazing liquid libations. YUM!!!!! Do you think your sister would mind if I ran over to her place in KS and hid in her carry on. I don't think she'd notice me. I can just think myself tiny. My wings are on the mend. I use them alot so they need some patching before I can use em again. They've been very good wings and I need a vacation from my life for a few days.;)

You're making me hungry plus I've had arroz con leche on my mind the last couple of weeks. That's it, I can almost taste your picture. I'm making some...

Such a delicious little place to explore. Knitting and words games in the sun sounds delightful. Donna

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