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Monday, January 16, 2012


Facebook? HOORAY!!! Ever since I discovered you last month and took the ROD class I've been saying to myself "I wish she had a FAcebook page!".

beautiful flower images!

Love Buck.

What sweet pix of Buck...he's with you always, you know. We finally brought a sweet new kitty into our lives this December after losing our dear sweet Sophie Cat in July. Sunny brings so much joy into our lives & we adore her...but Sophie is always with us. Hugs to you & all your kitty friends.

Tulip, the best kind of porn! Great pics of Buck. I have a portrait of my beloved, chocolate Lab, Rune in my classroom. congrats for getting on Facebook. I was very reluctant to jump on that bandwagon. Once I did, it's been easier to stay in touch with family and friends overseas.

I love Facebook. Granted, it drives me nuts because they change it all the time, but I still enjoy it.
Gorgeous purple tulips!
Gorgeous pix of Buck.

What was your inspiration for joining Facebook?

Buck was a great friend, so sorry, glad you found those pictures of him. Wrote to you on facebook so hope you "friend me", thinks thats how you do it.

Aw...Buck looks good in those pix. The last I have of Miss Kitty just make me sadder to look at. The tulips are wonderful and I'll have to look in to your class.

Facebook, I do. I've already send you a friend request. Looking forward to connecting there! The tulips are fabulous -- never seen one that isn't. So sorry again about Buck...there are no words for that, really. See ya' on campus!

I bet Buck helped you find those pictures of him. His way of saying he is there in the ether, with you all the time. He just wanted to let you know.

Yay! One more Mary Ann channel on my computer.
There's a browser plugin called Social Fixer that lets you eliminate some of the more annoying Facebook features (for example, I really don't care about my Friend's high score playing Bejeweled).

I friended you with a Woot!! Is friended a word? Have a great day off, my friend.

Love the tulips (and the cat). So beautiful. I'm enjoying the FTB class and I friended you, too.

Ok, first of all my Dad still sometimes calls me 'Beavis' so your post made me giggle. Second, FB can be cra-zy but until the crappity-crap outweighs the good I will stay. Ps...I 'friended' you. Third, tulips are my favorites so thanks for the gorgeousness. And last, but certainly not least...I'll bet finding those shots of sweet Buck was better than finding a hundred dollar bill in the pocket of an old coat. I still have the SD card with the last shots of my dog Samson. It's been over 3 years and I just can't erase them even though they've been uploaded. xo

After reading this I woke up all three of my cats and gave them big long 5 mintue loves...ps I friended you!

Your stalker from LB...(well sorta) ;-)

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