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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Really, really interesting (and gorgeous).

Thank you MaryAnn for once again bringing us along with you and sharing another
culture with us. You make it so interesting and the colors are fabulous!!!

Never cut their hair! Why is that? Love the textiles and clothing. What do they do for fun? How is the temperature there, doesn't look like it is really hot. Are there many touristas?

how incredibly talented. oh the things we could all learn from them.. fascinating.

I am in awe and heartened that they have been able to maintain their culture which is not easy to do in this day and age. It's really beautiful to know that simplicity, dedication and belief still have the power to hold people together. That being loyal and true really do matter. I am enjoying these posts so very much Mary Ann. Thank you for sharing these bits of knowledge that otherwise I'd never know.

Wowza...what an interesting and beautiful post. I was a member of the Christian church for many years and can say that the evangelizing done is usually done out of love but I do NOT believe in cramming my belief system down anyone's throat...anymore. I believe quite differently now than I used to and find myself "shutting my mouth" more easily...but sometimes it's hard because I want to share the wonderful gift of love. Of course...that Can be done without me saying a single word.

fascinating!! And what amazing textiles!

WOW -- to everything you've posted thus far on your trip. The colors are magnificent. Glad you're having such a wonderful trip. Christmas in Chiapas will be awesome, I'm sure.

So facinating!! Thanks for sharing your adventures so that we can travel vicariously through you! ;)

Lovely to see and hear of these people again! I've visited both of these villages and felt as you do...a delight in learning about their beautiful and interesting culture and an appreciation of their beliefs and rituals that have been held in the face of much outside pressure. I've also visited many Mayan villages in Guatamala and they are equally as diverse...such unique cultural treasures in a world that is becoming increasingly cross-cultural and maybe just a teensy bit "bland". Glad to hear you're enjoying this area and that you've found such a great guide...that can make such a huge difference.

I'm with Cesar all the way.

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