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Thursday, December 01, 2011


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Yikes! So glad you are ok. Those downed trees are scary-big.

closet sounds good to me! Brave soul. Donna

Holy Moly Batman! I think you need to invest in some shoes to cover with red sequins...Watch out for the Wicked Witch of the West too. I loathe wind...it makes me snarky, irritable, tense, anxious...you get the picture. We had the aftermath of your wind...60 mph gusts, 45 mph sustained. Glad Moss Cottage was hardly damaged. The epiphyte is likely to survive with repotting. Heard that UT got 100 mph winds, worse than CA. Glad you're all safe.

Lisa Cox literally took the words right out of my mouth!! Too funny!! I definitely would have been in the closet. Hope you, the cat possee and Moss Cottage have all survived intact. I'd have sent some anxiety pills if I'd known what you'd have to endure (and if I hadn't already finished them myself!) You are a source of sanity and humor in my new ofttimes anxiety-ridden life (new supervisor at work out to make a name for himself) so keep you and yours safe!!

Wow...Mary Ann...so glad that you are okay...what a mess! I haven't heard from my niece yet...she is in Burbank so I'm assuming that she did okay as well. I heard about the winds in the midwest but had no idea that they had blown in from the coast! Hope you are doing better and have found a "bottle" of courage...you can whip up some "hurricanes"...my idea of lightening things up ;} Just updated my email subscription feed ;}

I agree with Lisa..........I would have been in the closet........with the posse! Glad you are safe and sound!!

yup that wouldda scared the crap outta me too! sending you a big bottle of ativan. and a really strong martini. stay safe.

Oh my gosh I am so glad you are safe and that Moss Cottage survived the storm. I will say a prayer for you.

Luckily I slept through it all, but my mom caught the show on the front porch. Truly hate all the damage.

Sorry about your pot, glad it wasn't worse.

Hope this finds you and the cat posse safe and sound!

hey bloggy friends!

my electricity is intermittent. it is on now, but only partially. big appliances, tv, computer will not operate, lights are very dim, BUT...i tried my wireless w/ laptop and voila! internet. yay! wireless router is little and must not use much juice.
thanks for all your warm thoughts from afar - appreciate!!!
might be having some visual journal by candlelight fun!


Glad you, your cat posse and your trees are all well! The winds came here to Utah, blew my neighbors trampoline into the side of my house after damaging our soccer goal! Boom! No broken windows or injuries, thank goodness. Nerve racking indeed! Stay safe.

Moss Cottage and Cat Possie, Im sending you my Dorthy shoes tokeep you all grounded. Keep safe. We had hard winds here but nothing like you have had. Im sending prayers and will carry you in my heart softly,
Always Linda

So sorry, this is scary. Stay safe with your posse and look at your travel journals and dream of a better day.

Sending good wishes from calm but chilly London - am off to windy Cape Town on Monday, but they build for high winds, as they get them all the time. Just don't let the kitties blow away - pots can be replaced, cats can't!

The article said they are headed our way (Missouri)! Glad you lucked out. It's a scary situation.

My boys are really scared of high wind. Spunky stays close and Tripper goes under the truck in the garage. He does the same when there is a thunderstorm.

Holy Frijoles! That IS scary.

One of my phobias is high wind; my heart goes out to all of you guys.

Had some wind here but all we lost was a bell off our wind chimes! The poor epiphylum - sob! When we saw all the damage on 11pm news that night and where it was located we began to worry about you and the posse. Hope last night was not so bad. xo to you and kitties.

Did Mr Mantis surive?

I bet you had the cwap scared out of you!
Stay safe.

Glad to hear you are safe, if not sound! Now, show us please just how that liquid courage looks. Has Sister created a Special cocktail for just an occasion? Curious in Texas.

Yes indeedy...it was a windy one here in So Cal. I thought about you yesterday since I know you're a bunch closer to Pasadena than I am. It seems Pasadena and surrounds got the brunt of it. Scary. Glad you're okay. Was your school one of them that closed?

Holy crap, i would have been in the closet!!

...and you thought you weren't in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! This has been an incredible news story to follow and I hope that you, your kitties and all of your kiddies will stay safe!

Trust the little family to have moved to LA just at the time of this once-every-ten-year occurrence! When they told me palm fronds were scuttering down the street, I didn't make much of it. When I saw the newscast, airport closed, trees down, scattered fires....YIKES. Now THAT'S a WIND! Stay close and hold the kitties. Please keep us up to date! All best care.

Oh Mary Ann, it looks like a FL hurricane! (Which is not fun.) I hope you and the fur babies are safe now. Just don't give them any liquid courage. :-)

Mary Ann, So glad you and the cat posse are safe. Just saw the havoc on the weather channel. OMGosh!
Take care, stay safe!
Hugs to all,

I heard about the winds up there in LA, I am down here in San Diego, didn't know that it was that bad. Looks more like a twister roar through from looking at your pictures here. this is my first visit here. hope no more harsh winds to night comes your way again.

Glad to hear you're okay. Stay safe tonight!

stay safe! we're getting blown around here in northern cal, too!

Glad to hear you and the posse are safe - I hope you are not going to have any more of those wind storms. They can be terrifying - we have had several in past years and they did take a lot of tiles off the roof - letting the rain, that followed the winds, leak into the house. Yuck.
Those photos of the uprooted trees are scary!

Hold on girl, HOLD ON!!!!!! Gosh and I thought of you tonight, our weather guy happpened to mention the Santa Ana's were blowin' big time in LA. I am SO glad you didn't loose any trees and no major harm came to sweet Moss Cottage. All I can say is very glad I didn't decide to strap on those wings for a visit, I'd have probably been blown clear to the next continent over. Hang on, hunker down, have a Hurricane and stay safe..if all else fails, have 2 Hurricanes and get under the covers.

tuck in
with the kitties
listen to the wind,

xox - eb.

Yikes! Stay safe. I am sending you and Moss cottage a peaceful and quiet nite.

Aiy Carumba! Glad to hear you survived! I don't ever remember winds that fierce and I have lived in So Cal for 51 years. If there is any chance of a tree falling on your house, sleep on the opposite side of the house, but not underneath a window. Keep safe with your cat posse, and make sure you have an emergency stash of Butterfingers. It has been scientifically proven that a Butterfinger is more effective than Xanax in reducing anxiety during windstorms, but not as effective as a SISTER cocktail. I recommend consuming both at once, just to make sure;)

Hope you all stay safe!
Hugs to you and the kitties.


I think your winds have traveled east - big winds tonight here in NM. Happy to be in now. Nice view from Joh Ruskin: “There is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

Jeez, the weather has been weird this year. So glad you are all safe and hope to find you that way in the morning. Hug those kitties! Let us know...

Wow! Hope you don't see any yellow brick roads outside Moss Cottage tomorrow morning! Hang on, girl, and stay away from the windows. We had a snowstorm here in the mid-Atlantic area before Halloween that knocked the whiskers out of our trees - crazy weather everywhere!

GLad you are okay. We've had several big wind storms here in BC in the last 3 weeks. The west coast is getting slammed!

Wow! Take good care of you all.

Ack! I've been worried about you and the posse! I hope tonight isn't too terrible and Moss Cottage makes it through without losing any more pots of pretties. Duct tape is good for everything--you've said it many, many times and once again you've proved it (I especially like that you used red). Stay safe! xo

Wowzer! Saw this on tonight's news. Once in a while we get mighty winds here in KC, but not usually 100+ winds (tornadoes notwithstanding)! Glad Moss Cottage held its own last night; fingers crossed that the weather gods spare you all tonight too!

I've been through those Santa Ana winds, but nothing this strong. Be safe & keep the kitties inside with you!

Growing up in west Texas I've experienced my fair share of wind. But I would have been under the covers too.

damn. least you didn't lose electric!! stay safe.

Sending you post-traumatic stress, Rescue Remedy and relieved all is now well.

Peace be with you. And may the winds die down very soon.
Be safe, please be safe!

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