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Saturday, December 17, 2011


I can feel the warmth all the way to MN. I am loving exploring with you. Thinking this is going to bring some color to the grey day we have on tap here today. Without snow to brighten the landscape, everything looks so flat and lifeless, I dislike a brown Christmas so instead I am going to keep your blog posts up on the screen so it will kind of be like looking out a window to a wonderful place far away, if I can't have snow,then by golly, I am gonna have some bright and lovely colors to enjoy. :)

All the sights/colors/casita look fabulous...such an interesting place. I loved staying there. Try the hot chocolate...I'm not sure about SCDLC, but Oaxaca was where I had the best hot chocolate ever in my long life and the worst coffee ever. We had delicious meals in SCDLC. Be sure to take photos of your meals.

nice nice nice! Donna

Looks like heaven !

Your casita looks fabulous! :D

Peggy — yes you can watch the videos on an iPad.

MossCottage, Your triplooks wonderful. Pittsburgh has snow and cold can not get warm do you mind if I borrow that fire for the rest of the winter:) Have a wonderful time soak in the rays and send some my way,

I can feel the warmth and the adventures coming, yeah. Love your Ipad 2. Could you use the Ipad to download your clases? I don't think I can that's why I didn't get one. Enjoy Peggy

Wishing you the best time ever. The fire looks wonderful.

I agree with KateinCleveland, for those of us in the Great White North, that fire looks like just what we need. I'll just curl up with a good book in that comfy looking chair while you're out having adventures and wait for your next post. Have fun!!

Excellent!!! What a treat to share this with you.


Lovely casita! I want to be in the chair for the day as it's cold and snowy here! Happiest of holidays to you, Mary Ann!

Fabulous Flames.

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