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Thursday, December 22, 2011


How cool. How wonderful, to be included in their celebration, by decorating for you. Walking over that needle carpet with you, in spirit, and drinking in the pine scent.........

Thank you for sharing your gift of pine with us.

Going to show my mum this and maybe, just maybe, I won't be sweeping up any more needles. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and is that place for sell? It is wonderful.

aww when I was a kid, we had a nacimiento just like that at home!

amazing and i'll bet it smells great too!

I am so happy for you

OMG, I can't even imagine how divine all that pine must smell.

Wow. Just wow. Loved this.

Wowsers!! How beautiful is that Pine Needle Carpet. I am with everyone else, I bet it smells heavenly!

What a fabulous place you are staying out and I love the creche with the palm tree and the rabbit added!

Thirteen Ohs!
Such Deeply Beauty-Full-Ness!
So Lovely to See... can you make an aroma post too please?
I'm enjoying these Abundant Glimpses so much.
x xxx x xxx x xxx x

The pine floor is amazing... is there a tradition behind creating it? Thanks for taking us along on your explorations... your unbridled enthusiasm is contagious!

This is so beautiful Mary Ann. I mean really heart wrenching touching and sweet. There are no more words. They are just not enough.

How beautiful! I'll bet all those pine needles smell wonderful!

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