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Saturday, December 24, 2011


domenico ,
those are printing plates. in this case wood blocks. each one is carved with a design or image on the front, inked, and then ran through the press. they are used multiple times to build up the finished print. the numbers are probably corresponding to a catelogue they look at when printing to identify each design...

Apparently I am the only numskull here, what is the numbered wood for?

This and the previous post have intrigued me to no end.

Please tell me again where you are. The colors are truly amazing. It must be even better to see it up close and personal. Love your blog. Almost like I was there. Thanks for sharing.

What a wonderful place, I would love to see it in person. Thanks for sharing, loving our trip. Merry Christmas dear one and thanks for all that you have taught me.

Sorry, couldn't read your dialogue as I had to save my brother-in-law from slicing his fingers off while making me a pizza for dinner...he said he knew what he was doing...i am not looking too close at the pepperonnis.

That is really, really amazing and inspiring. Art speaks in every language, exists beyond race and creed and lives everywhere if we care to look and you looked and found. OMG. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Wow--this is incredible! All your journeys are wonderful & I love seeing & reading about them---but THIS--THIS is something so deep here that you have happened upon--how to share that with the world who lives skating upon the surfaces of things? Diamonds here, for sure. Thank you for inviting us along!

Oh my! You have gone to a magical place and I'm so happy to be going vicariously with you!

I absolutely love this, the place and what they're doing! Thanks so much for sharing with us! xo

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