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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I love the depth in this one and the way you captured the figures. I can relate to the poem on starshine; I can never get enough of the sky. All the images you capture are delightful.

do you take the photographs with your iPad too? Ordered one. And it's your fault! ;o))))) Sold my laptop. Love the flower shots. It's amazing how warm areas have such beauty in their flora. Enjoy the rest of your stay! Now my next decision is to take your tilt boogie art journal book class... ;o))

Through your ipad I have taken steps beyond my imaginings. I have traveled to worlds familiar and distant. Ahhh, I am grateful for the magical web connects us all. And to you, the travel hostess, "simple. rambling. disordered. wild. my favorite kind.

Loved the poem! I enjoy stargazing, but am painfully aware that the city lights wash out too much of the night sky. We were in the Rocky Mountains in September and were able to stargaze to our hearts' content. :)

I love the poem too and the pictures are exquisite.

Dear Mary Ann, I fell instantly in love with that poem and had to have more. It is part of the last verse in a long and beautiful poem called "The Song of Honour". Here is a link to the full poem: http://theotherpages.org/poems/gp2_7.html (scroll down to find it). Thank you so much for sharing the beauty and magic of your trip. Your photos and words make me drool and sigh and get excited and wonder and long to travel all at the same time.

Lovely, lovely, lovely. You are going to have a shockeroo having to come back to LA. Enjoy the rest of your moments in paradise:)

Enjoy the starshine. There will no doubt come a time when you will close your eyes and remember all those stars you are seeing, the moment will come flooding back and you will smile and remember when you were on that rooftop, a place far from home. The night sky performing just for you. The poem is gentle and light; it fits just right along with all the beautiful blooms.

Touched an iPad reverently in Staples on Boxing Day and seriously contemplated buying one but somehow resisted the urge...for now...

Love that poem, going to write that one in my journal! Love the star light fixture hanging on that veranda. Can't believe our trip is almost over, they go by so fast.

LOVE the poem! and the photos too, the last one is my favorite!

Christmas brought me my own iPad. From my sweetie. First app? Star Walk. And it's been raining ever since....go figure. Raining in Seattle in December. Who would have thought it? But I will be in Africa next month. And I will stand and stare up at the sky until blinded by star shine. Yes. I will.

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