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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Violet, me again, I took another look and I think the date on the little card in the lower left hand corner is the year to which Miss Moss was refering....which leads me to believe

she may have found that fountain.

Violet, you are so cute. Unless Miss Moss, on one of her many excursions, has found the Fountain of Youth or Ponce's journal there is no way she was born in the 20's.

Did you buy any iron at the NaBolom? I could have brought home a ton of it, if they didn't charge extry for the shitcase weight. Feliz Navidad, dearest one. Your posts are making my couch ridin' alternately wistful and elated.

I have had several people tell me about kiki. i went by her gallery store the other day. it is filled with all of her beautiful whimsical art! her shop sits on a corner. i will try and remember to take a pic and post it. Some nice young women were working in the store both times ive popped in.
i also went to her blog and enjoyed that very very much. she is a great storyteller. i especially liked the one about the SHOES.

Hi Mary Ann, Christine sent me your blog address.

Have you met Kiki? Her galeria is on Hildago, El Corazon Abierto, along with restuarant La Paloma. She has a blog--you could google her. She's really nice ....very talented, colorful work. I've spent alot of time in Sn Cris but most I have lived in Oaxaca. I met Chip years ago--in the 80's. He helped start Sna Jolobil. He's on FB.

Hope it is warmer there than usual.....Happy holidays.....Mitzi Linn

Dear Mary Ann - I have just spent the most mesmerizing half an hour reading of your travels and adventures in Chiapas. Wonderul. Marvelous. Such beauty in the handmade wonders. The people. The history. Sigh..... With you in spirit, as always. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas there...can't really imagine anywhere better! xoxo fran p.s. I'm more than annoyed with Typepad for the iPad and I am very impressed with your posts. They really need to get their act together. There is so little functionality! And duh...when do you want to use Typepad the MOST? When you travel. On your iPad. I have been checking out many of the apps that you and your legions of fans have been posting in the comments sections - VERY helpful! Love the of community of vagabonds!!

Were you really born in 1924?????

Oh mary ann this is so much fun......I always feel a huge connection to something in my past when i go to mexico and you are keeping it alive for me.
On my last trip to San Cristobal Chip Morris was our guide. when he took us to the villages he spoke in the native tongue and was invited into so many homes. love that book. Did you know the Mayans were not allowed to live within the city of san cristobal until about 30 years ago???

I'll be in touch.

I love the pictures and stories that you are sharing! My mom is from Mexico and I try and go every other year. I feel a connection just by looking at your beautiful pictures and reading the stories. Thanks!

Moss mountain? Seriously? That is so cool!

That was a mouthful Mary Ann. Your excitement and awe have reached me all the way in MN. I could feel the little hairs at the back of my neck stand up on end, shivers, tingle and the deep sense that you are some place truly special. You were meant to be where you are right now and just knowing that gives me hope that no matter what can happen in one's life that certain moments are already written for us, we just have to get off our keesters and
pay attention to the signs and to follow them...that part requires trust that no matter where we end up and footing is sure and true. You are where you are supposed to be. I know nothing gets by you no matter how small, insignificant or grand.

Bliss. You have been caught in the magic. How wonderful. Donna

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