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Friday, December 23, 2011


I so LOVE being along for the ride! Leslie

These remind me of Italian presepios, which I've been fascinated by for years (and have always wanted to make one of my own). Wonderful! Merry Christmas to you, Mary Ann!

You are such a delight to follow along with your travels and experiences. Hope you continue to have a marvelous trip. HAppy Holidays.

Oh, you make me smile and laugh. What a delight you are! I'm so enjoying "my trip with Mary Ann."

the diaromas are wonderful. they must take forever to make. funny shirt story. i'm suprised that there are not more americans there for the warm weather. sounds good to me.

You crack me up with your wardrobe malfunctions. Reminds me of the time my dress got caught in my pantyhose and no one told me for awhile. Your pictures are stunning and your commentary is brilliant to my mind.

It's a lovely thing Mexicans do: build miniature worlds... I am in love with all those little bits and tids that I find in people of Mexican origine. I also nearly died the day that Mariachi was officially for sale in the American iTunes store. Dare I say that I must be the Belgian with the largest collection of Mariachi music in the country? My sons think I am crazy. Give me a mariachi band and I am happy. I would say that your Christmas trip is one out of a dream and that I totally dig it how you can travel there and see all those wonderful sights. You are one lucky beast! ;o)))

Oh Mary Ann these are all truly delightful and cool. I am in awe, but don't get me started on Nativity diorama's as I had to build a full size stable about 8ft high and about 11 feet long, all out of very sturdy wood beams; it was for my DD' Toys for Tots benefit performance from their dance studio. A real life small pony could have lived in it along with the babe tucked safely into a sturdy wood cradle, there was hay, and a north star up in the heavens wired with a battery pack so it could be danced with across the stage. And oh then there were the 3 wisemen's gifts (i nicked named the 3 wise guys (no disrespect intended)glass bottles purchased at a thrift shop and rubbed and rubbed with golden restoration wax paste and then buffed and buffed to shine and sparkle and then lots of bling was added. In the end it was quite a site, but ever since I created it, every time I see a diorama or a nativity scene I find myself nodding with understanding, it takes alot to prepare for a child's birth...I consider it a form of pre arrival nesting, about the same thing mothers do when they know a birth is imminent so there you go...if you decorate for Christmas, what you've really done is experience a form of nesting and preperation, it's all about the gathering up those you love and pull em around ya and being grateful you have them in your life. Also grateful that at the end of the day or evening or a night or two later that they all get to go home. Wink. LOL. And a giggle too. I love spending time with the fam but I do so LOVe my quiet, down time. Merry Christmas Mary Ann.

Dear Mary Ann - I love you. You crack me up. Love tagging along on your adventures with my sleeping three year old son draped over my lap. Thank you so much for sharing and Merry Christmas from Australia!

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