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Monday, December 26, 2011


Your blog is wonderful. When I need my heart to beat a little faster, I'm sure to visit. I hope you know lots of us enjoy your many gifts you share wih us.

It definitely looks like a town with a story to tell.

I can't wait to see what all these surges of color will do to your travel journal!! I am so glad we get to take this vacation with you vicariously!

Aren't you loving your iPad?

You are so generous! Thanks much for sharing so much. Continued amazing finds for you, for all of us. :)

Thanks for sharing your adventures... it feels as if I'm right there with you!!!!

curious if you are using your iPad for photo taking? If so, are you using an app?

It's been a slice. Thanks. Very different from SMA isn't it. Donna

Don't you just love this town!!!! Ahh.....Mexico ! thanks for bringing me along.

I am enjoying every minute of this journey you are on. You've set such the stage with everything anyone could ask for, seeking an interesting, beautiful place to indulge ones self in. With each photo; I find myself looking at them over and over again so as not to miss any detail, for it is in the details where the secrets of a place are often found.

What a wonderful place you've been sharing with us all. I have had a lovely, lovely time, coming to your blog and looking at the photos and reading your words. It's been a little piece of quiet and calm amid the chaos that my house is/has been for the last week, with family and grandkids and toys and stuff everywhere. I am pretty well sick and tired of doing dishes, I can tell you, so escaping to sit with you while you read with a shawl over your lap, or gazing at the bright colors of Mexico that you capture in your photography has been a real treat. As always, thanks for sharing!

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