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Saturday, December 03, 2011


all the things we take for granted...nice to have a break, but wowsers...not the destruction! Glad your cottage is okay!

Wild and crazy - more than usual in our little neighborhood. Mt. Washington was without power for three days. Like you, we loved the candlelight and longed for the heat (brrrr...). But at least we had hot water - a blessing. Glad your home is safe. More winds tonight, but doubt they will be as crazy.

Glad your only damage was a ceramic pot or two. I imagine Moss Cottage lit by candles anyway, with or without power.

cute people! 100% electricity was restored in moss cottage as of this morning. heaters are both on and things are warming up. thanks for your kindness. you have warmed the cockles of my cold heart. xoxoxo
cat posse says hello and meow :-)

What's all this talk about red pot? Never heard of such stuff!

Glad you and the posse are safe and sound Mary Ann.
I have two musical suggestions for you to try, the first being Detektivbyrån. They were a short lived band from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have the CD Wermland and love the accordion work as well as the very European sound of it all.
Secondly Justin Townes Earle, his song Harlem River Blues has been rolling around in my head the last few days. Saw this fellow in performance during Bristol's Rhythm and Roots Reunion and was quite taken with him (and others too, to tell the truth).
Both can be previewed via Youtube.

Waking up on a freezing cold Sunday morning (at least by LV standards) and thinking of you. Heard on the news there may be more wind Monday? Yikes. If your sister walks over for the red pot could you have her stop in here with same said martini? Good day to stay wrapped in blankie with i-pad and kitties.

Sometimes these little hardships leave us with the best memories! Love the candles in the jars, I can feel the warmth and coziness all the way to Canada!

I am sorry you don't have any heat, that would be the worst for me, but you do have the cats, and those lovely twinkling lights, and where you live still looks lovely. Karen

Really glad Moss Cottage wasn't hit and can continue to shelter you and the posse. Winter is the time for candlelight - but I hope you have electricity again soon. Stay safe.

Just glad you are okay. Scared earlier when I saw a title and that was it....Weather, scary and then downright frightening! Scary is enough. Candlelight and the internet, could be worse. Stay safe!

Glad things are looking up. Hope the weather stays calm and you have power soon. Donna

Enjoy the candlelit evening, and I hope that you have power soon!! Take care of yourself and the posse!!

Two thumbs up for flickering candlelight. Two BIG thumbs down for downed trees. Glad you & Moss Cottage are hanging in there!

Wow, what a windstorm! My husband grew up where LA, Glassel Park, Eagle rock and Glendale converge, on the hillside. Come by my blog, we are apt. managers in La Verne, we had our fair share of tree branches.
Went to Pasadena today, wow, what a sad mess.

I am so sorry for you not having heat...that would be the worst thing for me. I am very glad you and Moss Cottage are safe. We are 25 degrees cooler here in AZ and having rain. Quite a change for us. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

We have tons of old trees here and not too many come down. Someone just told us that so many trees in Pasadena, for example, came down because they get watered so have shallow roots. We do not water most of whats here and they hold up pretty well unless the wind follow a big rain.

Glad to hear you are safe Mary Ann and I agree with Susie, just make sure that cat posse stays away from the candles. My darling Max swished his tail through 3 of them one time years ago and he didn't notice but I could tell from the smell of singed hair that he'd gotten too close to the flame! Haven't had candles out since! Your glass containers look absolutely lovely on that windowsill!

SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you just walk your ass over here and get the red pot and while youre at it bring me a salted caramel martini!!!!!

Hey sister! I see some twinkling from the west. Must be your candles. I'm lighting some too. Let me know if you can see them. I do hope my red pot has already been sent on it's way to me and that is not one of the ones that blew down in the gale force winds.

happy to hear you are making the most of the PO and you have no major structural damage. Happily those winds are not weekly and maybe 20 years to the next on. Sounds like there will be lots of people selling firewood and opportunities for wood sculptors.

There is something magical about moving around a candle lit room, soft glow, a throw back to gentler, quieter times before the whole world got hooked and connected by wires and lines, both seen and unseen...sigh...I've been following the stories on the news and so happy you are safe, no power isn't fun but it's survivable. Now having to replace Moss Cottage would have been unfathomable, so I am happy you are safe and making the best of it. Hang in on their on the power, I know it's not fun, been down that road a few times but the candles always made me feel better, turning it into an adventure of sorts. Enjoy the daylight hours, eat someplace enjoyable, take a walk, I am guessing driving anywhere is a bit of challenge with all the downed trees. But if I know you, you will figure out a way to enjoy yourself despite the lack of electricity. I just know you will!!!!!! Keep an eye on the cat posse too, they need to curl up in a warm sport and remind them to be careful around the candles. No batting at them with their paws. ;)

I'm glad you're safe even if it is without power. Candles are always so cozy and they make me feel hugged by the darkness.

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