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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Its a molcajete-the actual dish you're eating out of is called that-it's the ubiquitous mortar and pestle thingie in every good mexican kitchen. Just learned that courtesy of my trip to San Cristobal last year!

YUM!!!! So see you have enough to share with those of us gathering around you here. I'm smack in the middle of holiday baking, bars, cookies, creme brule from scratch so right about now anything with meat and cheese and where sugar does NOT play a prominent role is lookin' pretty dang good. UM and could you please pass that margarita...pretty please.
PS those Barbie dolls are a hoot. LOL

Oh my Miss Moss, I must say these lurid photos of delectable food and frenzied alcoholic beverages during this sacred holiday season are........okay I'll just say it............NECESSARY! Do carry on!!!

You go girl! I'm right there with you. Eating away! Love that half avocado.

Ms. Moss, when r we goin see a pic of youze in the place of the visitation??? Jess wonderin. Specially the shoe-gazing pics.

These are the reports I love...I'm mad about ethnic food. It all looks delicious.

These posts, especially the last several from the villages, are very moving. Thanks for the reminder, for the proof, that life is filled with spirit and mystery is ordinary.

a girl after my own heart- all of it...the mexican and ordering a dish that could feed 8. It looks to die....

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