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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I was cruising your fotos of your trip...thanks for letting us tag along for the fun and scenery then I see the two Dames who bit the dust...what a pity. Where is Ken and Midge when you need them....not what I call friends at all. I think it is the best place for both the "fluzzies"..

Violet: hahahahaha! I needed a laugh!
Mary Ann: I'm enjoying your vacation!

Violet ROCKS! Barbies in the gutter photo reminded me of the bras in the luggage carousel I saw in the airport when I flew home to Toronto last month (going around and around by themselves, next to all the luggage). Somehow the 2 visuals should be linked with a really trashy tabloid story, don't you think? Okay, I'm awake at 3 am with a bad cold and very sore throat, maybe I wouldn't make the connection otherwise but I am enjoying these posts of sunny, warm Mexico all the same and wishing I was sipping one of those margaritas right now instead of sucking on a stale cough candy. :)

LOL. Oh Violet. I can't help myself. Your comments always make me laugh out out. Your take on things absolutely WOWS me. Thanks, Mz Mozz for letting us travel with you. Wonderful trip we are all having. I view these visuals and feel as if I am tripping on cobblestones right at your side and enjoying every adventure you are having. This blog is THE BEST!

i am so enjoying your travel adventure in mexico!
the barbies were a good laugh.

Whew, thanks for the identification of the stiffs in the banner...at first glance I thought they were BFFs Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian, tanked in the gutter.

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