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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Popping in to say...
I love it here! You have totally and completely made me salivate over Budapest and I hope to be able to travel there at some point.

your rock my dear,

I couldn't pass up on the class again. Thanks for the sale price and that gorgeous stack of books that left me drooling for a pile of my own.

Hey Sugar Cakes don't know why I just called ya that but it sure sounded cute rolling of my tongue. I will have to spread the word about the BIG FTB sale since your classes are just way too cool to miss out on. And Judy's work makes my art heart go pitter patter. I adore her so much. And that bed spread in your last post...holy moly...that is OMG, knock my socks off gorgeous. I don't think I'd ever get out of bed if I had such a cozy nest to curl up in. VBG!!!!!!!!!


check price and paypal price = exactly the same during the sale

What an interesting combination of plums and tomatoes. Is that your own creation? What else does it have on it?

Love that the class is on sale and I am also wondering if there is a different price for check payment?

Thank you for the dinner invitation -the sun was a nice break from our Northwest rain :)
Also -the elderflower soda was to die for...
I love a sale Mary Ann (thank you!!) I was wondering if there is there a sale price for checks too, or are they both the same during the sale?


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