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Friday, October 14, 2011


Those aren't red velvet cupcakes are they? Yum Yum. I absolutely love your photos. You are so talented and I also like your writing. Have you considered taking pictures for a magazine and writing? I think you would get the job. You are amazing.

Thanks to your photos, I'm there (without the calories). Yum!

really love Auntie Em's cupcakes. Not a big red velvet fan, but they do it better than most!

Mmm. I think I'll have to take a little trip up there and try one out. Old stomping grounds of mine. I used to teach punks not too far from there. Yes, I think I know what i'm doing tomorrow for lunch.

Yoo hoo Sister - my teeth hurt from eating all that frosting. But it's a good kind of hurt.

*staggers forward with arms extended, glassy-eyed* :

well duh!


Our local cupcake store closed (boo hoo) but I firmly believe that any weather is a good time for a cupcake.

I'll have to check that place out..http://mydelightcupcakery.com/ so far these have been my favorite...in Ontario, CA next to the 10...check it out! Strawberry Lemon...sooooo goooood

Up here in the North, it's dark and rainy and coolish, in the 60's as MaryK advises, but I agree with the others who said any weather is cupcake eating weather. Do you know, I don't think I've ever had a red velvet cupcake before? Must put that on my (MaryAnn inspired) list of 50 things to do when I'm 50 (if not before!) Half cake, half icing? BRING IT ON!! But only if it's that really sweet, thick icing that sticks to your teeth, not that bland stuff that has little or no taste, uh uh, not for me. :)

What is a girl gonna say but YUM!!!!!!!!! I so wanted to put my hand right through the screen and grab the coconut one and without eating one bite I got a sugar rush just looking. Cupcake eating, anytime, anyplace, and who cares about the weather when faced with such scrumptious delights.

I was just thinking the same thing when I read your line about adoring cupcakes that are half cake and half frosting!! But ahh!!...bread pudding!!!I would have gotten both!!

Even though I don't do cupcakes.....it looks good and so glad you treated yourself.

Your cupcake looks yummy but as I've been in North San Diego County for the last while, doing the gramma-gramma thing I do so well, I was thinking that it was more like frozen yogurt weather....Guess I got it wrong?

Red Velvet cupcake? Ho hum.... Then I saw the fluffy, fuzzy coconut one. You got me drooling! Then you reminded me it's going to be 100 here too. I have some recent acquisitions to stick into the ground before it gets hot. I dream of fluffy cupcakes later...

That must be some kick-ass cupcake if they can get three dollars and fifty cents for it!!! I love cupcakes. They're somehow more satisfying to me than a slice of cake. And they served it to you on my china - Pfaltzgraff Filigree. Perfect.

But then, I am a firm believer that any weather is cupcake eating weather.

I'm drooling! I say any weather is cupcake eating weather.

Yum! I agree that it's always cupcake eating weather! A local indie children's bookstore sells wonderful cupcakes and the red velvet ones are particularly good. Cupcakes I have eaten in the last couple of weeks: a pear and champagne combo at a friend's wedding; and a basic yellow cake one w/cream cheese frosting at a writers' conference. Both the basic one and the fancy one were lip-smacking good. :)

as far as i'm concerned...it's ALWAYS cupcake eating weather! especially with these delicate temptations ... blest be :)

looks yummy, but give me the coconut one please, lol. and 100 degrees still in the middle of october. is that normal? we are well on our way into late fall/winter here. around 60 degrees, cloudy/rainy/gloomy the last couple of days.

the cupcakes look yummy!

aaah cupcakes, they look delish. xo
love cupcakes!

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